Prepare for competitive exams ! 7 Tips to ace any competitive exam

Prepare for competitive exams ! Preparing for any competitive exam can be the most stressful period for a student. It need not be so, if they were to follow a few good tips.

Fix a timetable

Clearing a competitive exam requires a good study plan. Prepare a timetable and make sure that you stick to it. Time management is must to achieve this. Tell yourself and your family that “this is the schedule and I don’t want any distractions during my study time.” Once you are determined and willing to put in the hard work, you are on the road to success.

Take care of your diet

Never ever make the mistake of neglecting your diet in your anxiety to do well in an exam. After all what is it that will fuel your drive to do well? Make sure that you are not skipping meals. Ensure that your diet consists of all the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Keep yourself hydrated. Remember, a balanced diet ensures good health which in turn helps you focus better at studies.

Sleep well

A lot of people tend to equate hard work during exams to studying well into the night, burning the proverbial midnight oil. However, don’t you think that going to bed early, having restful sleep and then waking up early and studying is a much better option? Yes, a refreshed mind is definitely in a better position to concentrate and grasp. So, make sure that you hit the sack early and wake up fresh and rejuvenated.

Exercise is important

Exam time is stress time and what better than exercise to drive away all your blues. Even simple stretching or a brisk walk can make you feel happy and energetic. If you have a park nearby, just head to it. Fresh breeze and green settings have magic about them which can leave you in the perfect state of mind for study.

Use Your Will Power

We all know that for success in any venture, we need to have will power. You should be able to shut out all distractions and focus on the job at hand, i.e., study. Practice positive affirmations and tell yourself that “Yes, I can do it”. Plan well and stick to a study schedule. Tell yourself that you will not be distracted at any cost. One more important thing. Your schedule also needs to have some relaxation breaks, for that will keep you mentally fresh.

Understanding is the Key

Studying for hours together does not necessarily translate into success in competitive exams. The key lies in being ‘smart’. Yes, you need to make an attempt to understand the subject thoroughly. For example, if you are studying maths, then you need to try applying different formulas and solve problems. Just mugging up formulae won’t help.

Seek Help

Whenever necessary seek help. It could be from a friend, teacher, parents, etc. Remember, it is not necessary that everyone knows everything. There is no shame in seeking help. Try networking among your friends, who are also writing the same exam or some seniors who have already cleared the exam successfully. Since they have already been there and done that, they are good sources for valuable tips. These days with the advent of the internet there are also several online sources from where you can seek help. You can also enrol in specialized academies that offer coaching for competitive exams.

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