Why is appreciation important ? Know its real impact !

Why is appreciation important ? There is nothing better than appreciation to gee up someone. It is the best free tonic that is available. A few words of appreciation and you can find a transformed person standing in front of you. A simple “well done” or “great job” has been known to help organizations improve their productivity. Now come to think of it, deep down the heart, every one of us craves for appreciation.

Positive impact on health

Do you know that appreciation is known to help improve the health of both the giver and the taker? Yes, it makes the person who shows the appreciation to feel good as well as the one who receives it. It is known to bring a sense of wellness. From better sleep to improved concentration (know how to improve your concentration), it is known to offer many benefits to both physical and mental health (Healthy body and healthy minds.)

Develops leadership qualities

While all of us like being appreciated, we need to remember that we also should not lag behind when it comes to encouraging others. Kids should be taught from a young age to genuinely appreciate good deeds or qualities of others. This quality will stand them in good stead when they enter adulthood. This is a trait that will strengthen their leadership qualities.

Strengthens friendships

Those kids who appreciate others will invariably have a large number of friends. Gratitude and appreciation acts helps in strengthening bonds of friendships. Remember, the next time when someone in your class does well in academics, sports or co-curricular activities, make sure that you are generous with your appreciation.

Model appreciation

Qualities such as appreciation and showing gratitude are kind of contagious. It helps to build a positive atmosphere, whether in the classroom or in an organization or at home. Parents need to make sure that they are modeling these qualities, for children are known to keenly observe and imitate what they do.

At the school we strive to provide a positive atmosphere for the flowering of the inherent talents of students. No wonder our students have been excelling in academics and co-curricular activities over the year. If you are looking for a top CBSE school in Coimbatore, look no further!!!

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