How to Prepare for Competitive Exams ? – Effective tips for you

How to prepare for competitive exams ? Alltime confusing question, isn’t it? The first thing that parents need to do is to remove the stress out of exams. Learn to cope up with Exam Stress to handle kids. Teach the child right from a young age that your love for them will not change based on their performance in exams. Practice positive affirmation. Tell them that there is always scope for improvement and that you have full confidence in their abilities to come out with flying colors in their exams. Also try to find exam time FAQs especially for parents, which will help out a lot during this time. A confident mindset would go a long way when they grow up a little more and attempt competitive exams.

An important thing that parents need to remember

Another important thing that parents need to remember is that not all children are created equal. Just because a classmate or a friend has scored more marks does not mean that you want your child to do the same. Never compare, for it would only increase your child’s stress levels. Instead, focus on your child’s preparation. Identify the areas in which the child is strong and the ones which need further fine-tuning.

Sit down with your children and plan their routine. Find out which are the times when your son or daughter is naturally inclined to study. Allot them a comfortable space in the home, where they are not disturbed. For competitive exams, try and plan for allocating some extra study time, a very basic idea to start with ” How to prepare for competitive exams ?” Rush…its TIME.

Need to exercise some self-discipline

In the day and age that we live in children face a lot of distraction. It could be a cricket match on the TV, a new movie release, text messages or calls from friends. Of course, they can always use the mobile devices for studying, buts that about it.  This is where you need to step in and tell them that they need to exercise some self-discipline and cut down on such distractions.

Take care of their children’s diet and sleep

Parents also need to take care of their children’s diet for a super memory and sleep, particularly during exam times. Know that how much sleep does a child needs? Remember, competitive exams, or for that matter any exam, could be stressful times for them. It is therefore important to take care of their health, healthy body gives a healthy mind. Keep a tab on what they eat. Let their diet consist of all the essential nutrients. It is also important to keep them hydrated. Similarly, they also need to spend some quality time outdoors, so that they get plenty of fresh air and feel refreshed. Plus of course, ensure that they get good sleep. After all, there is nothing like a good night’s sleep to recharge your batteries.

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