7 Reasons Why Travel is Important for Kids

Why Travel is Important for Kids ? Man has been traveling from time immemorial. Exploration of the unknown has been part of the human psyche and this has led to many a landmark discovery and invention. Whether it is setting foot on the moon or going to the town next door, every trip brings along with it , a own set of learnings. Let us take a look at some of the top benefits of traveling for kids.

Top benefits of traveling
  1. Traveling opens up avenues for learning about different cultures, languages, traditions, etc. Instead of just reading about them, children get to have a look at them, up close and personal.
  2. Traveling is a good way to teach children about empathy, considered an important characteristic trait. Children get to understand the not everyone is created equal. Travel helps develop a broader perspective about the world.
  3. Travel time is family time. The trips help in improving family bonding. This helps both the parents and children understand each other better.
  4. Travel helps make children more confident. This is because they could face certain challenges during their trips. For example, it could be interacting with someone in a different language. Travel helps build the confidence to overcome such challenges.
  5. In a world that is increasingly grappling with issues related to environmental pollution, travel helps children to learn about the importance of protecting nature. Their travels could be taking them to different places. It could be a rainforest, beach, mountains, or deserts. All these places help them to observe nature from close quarters and learn the importance of protecting this precious commodity.
  6. It goes without saying that travel improves knowledge. The learnings during travels would definitely compliment what children learn in school. For example, when a child visits a historical monument and then learn about it as part of his school lessons, it is like a reinforcement of the learning.
  7. Travel teaches kids about the importance of planning and also about responsibility. They would need to plan their luggage, pack their stuff, chart out the itinerary along with their parents, research about the local attractions, etc.
An Integral part of the learning

As one of the best CBSE schools in Coimbatore, we give every possible opportunity to learn. Know..” Why Travel is Important for Kids ?” Going on trips is an integral part of their learnings here. Field trips develop inter-personal skills; understand the values of sharing, caring, team work, and collaboration. Whether it is a visit to a local departmental store to learn about how business is done there, or going on a picnic filled with fun activities, visiting an industry and knowing its importance, etc., these trips form a key part of their learning at the school.

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