Tuition for kids…Is it necessary…?

Tuition for kids…Is it necessary ? The word ‘tuition’ can draw different reactions from different people. Broadly there are people who are for it and those who feel that it is not necessary. This has been a debate that has been going on for ages now. Let us take a closer look at some of the reasons that are often cited by both the parties for their respective views. Those in favour argue that there are instances when a student maybe weak in a particular subject or subjects, and may require additional number of hours of study or inputs in order to reinforce what he or she has already learnt in the classroom.

Ideal teacher-student ratio factor

Tuition for kids…,another reason which is often quoted by those in favour of tuitions is the one-on-one teaching involved. They feel that it helps the tutor to focus on the weak areas of the student in a particular subject and help them improve. Apart from this ideal teacher-student ratio factor, there is another reason for the rise in the number of tuition centers in recent times.

Tuition centers also act as a trigger for parents

The opening up of the Indian economy and the subsequent economic growth has seen an exponential rise in households where both the parents are working. Hard-pressed for time, they don’t have any option but to depend on tuitions to make sure that their children study well. Sometimes, the specialized notes and books provided at tuition centers also act as a trigger for parents to send their children for tuitions. Then there is the peer pressure factor. People sometimes tend to send their children to tuitions just because their friends are going.

Nothing to beat regular study at home

Then there are those who argue against tuitions. They feel that as it is most schools these days make sure that all students in a class understand their subjects well. Those who are against tuitions feel, there is nothing to beat regular study at home and clarification of all their doubts with teachers on a daily basis. After all, parenting is all about the special connect with their children. A lot of a child’s learning, especially at a young age, happens through parents. By observing them and by learning from them. The parent-child bonding is so natural and special. So, who better to teach than their parents? Still do you think of “Tuition for kids.”

Ultimately their own individual decision

As we have seen, while there are many reasons for parents sending their children for tuition, it is ultimately their own individual decision. It is a decision that they need to take depending on their assessment of their child’s learning capabilities, their own educational qualifications or ability to help them out with their academics and whether they have the time available to focus on the studies of their children. Also do know about the top benefits of education in children’s life. 

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