How much Sleep does a Child Need?

How much Sleep does a Child Need? The very basic common question but answer will always be confusing, isn’t it? Yes, sleep is one of the fundamental needs just like food, water and oxygen to live our life peacefully. We feel irritable after a poor night’s sleep. Isn’t it?

Sleep is even more important to children for their physical and mental development. Do we exactly know how much sleep is required to lead a healthy life ? Always the answer is ???? sometimes copied answers…

Are we aware of the consequences of poor night’s sleep? Definitely not. I can hear your mind voice !! I am running over time, I am so busy, I don’t have much time to take rest. If this is your answer, then you are poor in managing your time. Yes, exactly saying that is the fact.

Right solution is here from the best CBSE School Coimbatore to dear parents to care about your children. Let us have a look on the proper sleep time, how long one should sleep especially children, the reason and the consequences of improper sleep. Let us know How much sleep does a child need?.

How long should we sleep to be healthy?

The required sleep time for children of age between 4 and 9 years should have 11 to 10 hours of sound sleep. Children are of age between 10 to 17 years should have 9 hours of sleep. Have a check whether we are on the right track.

Does your child get enough sleep?

Obviously the answer is ‘NO’ now a days. It is ‘Yes’ before a decade. Gadgets take the sleep time of children since most of their cartoon episodes and games are very comfortable on their palm. An eye on your kid is always advised to keep them away from the frequent use of gadgets. Check for the following symptoms of improper sleep of your children.

  • Struggling to get out of bed in the morning
  • Oversleeping at weekends or during school holidays
  • Drowsiness during the day
  • Irritability
  • Easily upset

Lay digital boundaries to make your children to come out of this concern. Knowing one’s boundary is highly recommendable in this modern world.

Causes for lack of proper sleep:

The main cause of improper sleep is the drastic change happened in our routine life style of this modern world. Routine time is changed from our wake up time, eating time – breakfast, lunch and dinner, study time, play time and again sleeping time.

It has become very common for children to sit and watch television episodes with their parents in a regular basis. They think it is the ‘Family Time’. Of-course they are wasting their precious family time by doing this. Instead you can spend time in conversation with children, share your feelings and ideas with them.   Another fact is the use of mobile phones before sleep time. It is seriously dangerous to do this. It affects the vision, sleep and finally the brain. Keep away your gadgets, have a nice sleep followed by a healthy dinner.   

How can I help my child to sleep?

There are several good habits that you can follow and help your child to have better sleep. Every day exercise will do wonders for our sleep. Don’t be indoor all the time. Expose to sunlight know the dawn and dusk. Go with the nature because artificial lights may cause confusion to the brain. Do relax by reading a book, listening music instead watching television and playing mobile / computer games.

Make your own time chart. Schedule your work accordingly. Follow it and try to complete it on time, learn to manage your time well. Use thick curtains to make sure that the sleeping place is dark. Maintain moderate room temperature to have a good sleep.

Does lack of sleep affect children’s health?

With no doubts. Lack of sleep affects the health of children. It results in sleep disorders which leads to mental problems. It also cause Obesity, diabetes, weak immune system. Remember that the brain and body of children are still in the developmental stage. So be very cautious about proper sleep. It is important for a child to have “Healthy body and healthy mind.”

Does lack of sleep affect children at school?

Yes. Tired children will not do well in school. They feel drowsy in class, their eyes will struggle with black board, book, notes, teacher and brain. It leads to shortage in attendance because of improper health. Improper sleep leads to poor memory, lack of attention, poor creativity. Children who miss out their sleep will get into some trouble at school leads to disobey and misbehaviour. Best CBSE School in coimbatore wanted to give some guidance to parents to deal and care for children.

Wake up !! Keep watching your children for their good health. Once lost never be gained again. Think and react for your children. Be very strict in certain things, it is good. Otherwise, everything will go out of control.  

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