What is the power of encouragement ? Know it !

Know the power of encouragement ! It won’t be wrong to state that there is no better tonic for any kid (or for that matter adults too!) than encouragement. A few words of encouragement, when you are feeling really low, can lift your spirits almost instantly. There is perhaps no better way to boost a kid’s confidence than a few words of encouragement. Right from a young age, let your children know that nothing comes without hard work and that their parents are always there to support them. Tell them that all they have great potential and a bright future awaiting them.

Teach your kids the value of putting in the hard yards and not just focus on the results. Let your kids learn the value of putting in diligent efforts and focusing on the work that they are doing, rather than worrying about the result. For example, if they are preparing for their exams, tell them to concentrate on learning the subject, rather than unduly worry about the grades. If they prepare well, they going to get good grades. Remember, a little bit of pep talk has led to great achievements.

Similarly, if your kid is having difficulty in a particular subject, a little bit of encouragement can do wonders to their confidence. Remind them of the time when they did well in that subject. Tell them to think about the strategy that they adopted. Did they go through notes? Take online help for their preparation? Or did they attend special classes? Tell them that if they could do it then, they could do it now. Tell them that they enjoy working hard and you have full faith in them.

Praise them. Whenever your kids achieve something, it could be in sports, co-curricular activities or academics, praise them. However small it may seem, celebrate the achievement. It will surely encourage them.

Another good thing about encouragement is that it removes negative vibes. If at all your kids have not done a task given them properly, getting angry at them is not the ideal solution. Instead, take the positive route. Tell them how best they could have done the task.

Brainstorm possible solutions for completing the task. Let them feel that you are treating them with respect. This approach can do a world of good to them.

Don’t compare. Remember, no two persons are created equal. Everyone has got their own unique abilities. What works best for one may not for another. Help your kids put their best foot forward and let them succeed. Yes, this is the the power of encouragement !

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