How we take this precious substance for granted ?

Water. How we take this precious substance for granted. Especially, those of us, urban dwellers, who with their hectic schedule, often take things for granted. After all, you just need to turn on the tap and you will find water gushing out. But have you ever stopped and wondered at this marvel, without which it would be impossible to sustain life. This wonderful creation of nature. And don’t forget, around 70% of the human body is water. So, isn’t it time that we taught our kids about this ‘elixir of life’. We, as a good CBSE School in Coimbatore share Water conservation ideas with children through fun activities to make them understand its importance and necessity.

Be a role model:

Just as in the case with every other good habit, parents need to be the right role models, when it comes to using water. While water may be available to you in abundance, just remember, for a person in another corner of the world, this may not be the case. He or she may be struggling for a few buckets of water. So, be the right role model for children. Whether you are washing clothes, utensils or gardening, set the right example. Try and save as much water as possible. And importantly tell your children about the reason why you have to save water. For, every drop of water saved is like a drop earned.

Recite inspiring stories related to water:

Just come to think of it, almost all leading ancient civilizations flourished on the banks of major rivers. Water is the common thread that binds all these stories together. Whether it is the great Ganges or the Nile, major sources of water have played a great role in establishing and nourishing civilizations. Tell your children stories about these great civilizations and how water played a key role in their lives. You should also let your children know about the major droughts that have hit various parts of the world. This is how they will learn the value of water.

Reuse water:

This is further continuation of the ‘setting the role model’. Reuse water wherever possible at home. For example, waste water runoff from washing clothes or kitchen ware can be used for gardening.

Water cup:

We are all obsessed with coffee cups. We make such a fuss over it. Why not a water cup? Yes, let it be a creative activity for your kid. Let them design their own water cup. Plus of course, a water bottle is a must in their school bags. All this will encourage them to drink more water.

Drinking water:

Children should also be taught about the importance of being hydrated. They should be taught from a young age about the importance of drinking sufficient amounts of water. Choose water over fizz drinks. If your kids find drinking plain water boring, then you can try fruit juices. Kids absolutely love them! This is one easy way to encourage children to drink water.

Teach them water saving technologies:

a good CBSE School in Coimbatore_save water_The Camford School

Just like bedtime stories, remember the kid of the present time is also tech-savvy. So why not give them an idea about the latest technologies that are being used to save water. You can start by establishing a rain water harvesting system in your home. Tell children about the importance of such technology and how they will contribute to a brighter future. Teach them that saving water is the responsibility of every individual. As a good CBSE School in Coimbatore, we make it a point to conduct age appropriate activities to teach children the importance of water.

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