Think out of the Box

The Camford International School can rightly be termed as an innovative CBSE school because it encourages its pupils to be creative and think out of the box.

We all have heard about the proverb “Necessity is the mother of all Inventions” but I contradict it by stating that “Thinking out of the Box” is the mother of all inventions. Let us now try to prove this statement by discussing about some of the inventions made in the past. From the invention of Wheel, airplane, telephone, electricity till smart phone, all are invented because of necessity but let us not forget it was created by someone who was not stuck with the usual way of thinking. It was invented by someone who was creative and innovative. They created products which existed only in their imagination and was never drawn out on a piece of paper for the Inventions. These people were not just creators or inventors they were the people who “THOUGHT OUTSIDE THE BOX”

Thinking outside the box is an attitude with positivity and optimism

Thinking outside the box, simply means that you don’t settle for the fixed solutions and are ready to consider different solutions or working methods for bringing out the desired result. Thinking outside the box is an attitude with positivity and optimism. People with this attitude are prone to have a confident and energetic upfront to tackle any situation in life. Imagine our actions with people who just accepted everything, then there will be nothing new or interesting. If we start accepting the facts as unchangeable, then we will not derive anything innovative or new to our world.

Creating a deprived environment for creativity and spontaneity

To come up with something that is unique and interesting is the very essence of thinking out of the box. The question “WHY” acts as the catalyst inside the brain to trigger the innovative and unique ideas. Definitely an innovative CBSE school engage the students to think differently and not to be idle. If we close our mind to a fixed set of rules and regulations then we are creating a deprived environment for creativity and spontaneity. If we have a fixed approach to out actions, we will not  reach anywhere new but if we have an open mind then the possibilities are limitless.

Have an imaginative and problem-solving ability
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The attitude of looking into the broader context of a problem or any challenge is the key to success because it creates a new and wider perspective. Thinking outside the box will help any individual to excel in their sphere and it is definitely an asset to cherish. Looking into the box is, the more narrow and conventional method of thinking, but thinking outside the box proves that you have an imaginative and problem-solving ability. It is ok to have absurd ideas because those are the ones which have the capability to find the answer to the puzzle.

Thinking outside the box creates endless opportunities and many successful ideas have come from thinking in a different perception. Think about the time when we were using the radios and now using Netflix. We never thought these platforms will be created nor did we think it was possible, but it is possible and successful because of this different way of approach in innovative CBSE School.

Break, open the box and think outside the box

Metaphorically, our habitual mind is the box which is filled with in  assumptions, desires, expectations, beliefs, fear, anxiety, embarrassment, etc. The box is like a prison of the comfort zone, we are secured to live in peace, but when we want to achieve more we have to break, open the box and think outside the box. Psychologically, thinking out of the box can be termed as freedom of your conscience, self belief, feelings and emotions.

Establish yourself as a smart person

Incorporating the habit of thinking outside box within the children at a very young age is important because it instills positivity and hope. Creating an environment that encourages the children to express their ideas without hesitation will help them develop confidence and will power. The motto of repeatedly trying till we succeed will enhance their trust, faith and reliance. Thinking outside the box not only makes you stand out of the crowd and establish yourself as a smart person, it also helps you develop into a strong individual psychologically. The emotional stability and the amount of self belief will accelerate in a great extent that you will be strong enough to turn any situation into an energetic and positive one. People may think that you and your ideas are crazy but you should remember that it was these so-called crazy people sometimes dyslexic namely Albert Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci who made history in the past. Thus, if you have any crazy ideas never hesitate to express. Think outside the box to book a place in the future.

Author: Ms. Anitha Karunagaran
Faculty, TCIS

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