4 Step Approach to Help a Child Struggling in School

Help a Child Struggling in School. There are times when a child may be struggling in school. There could be underlying factors such as anxiety and stress due to which they may not confide the exact issue to you. After all they are what they are, a child. It is up to the parents to note for such signs. Do you need to quite literally drag your child to school? Is he coming up with excuses for avoiding school often? Do you notice any pattern of aggressive behavior in the child? Does the child look lost and frustrated all the time? Is he avoiding homework? Have been receiving complaints about his behavior from teachers off late? These are some telltale signs of a child struggling in school. The sooner the issue is resolved, the better it would be for the child. Let us take at a few key tips to resolve the problem.

Talk to the child:

The first thing that you need to do is to help the child relax, and get to know the root cause of the problem. There could be many. For example, it could be fear of a teacher. In some instances, bullying from other students may be the cause. Fear of a particular subject is an issue sometimes. The key here is to not get angry at the child for his behavior, but to show empathy. Getting to the root cause of the problem is the first thing that you need to focus on.

Seek the help of a pediatrician:

There are times when the underlying cause could be health related. In this case, it is important that you seek the help of a good medical professional. Talk to them about the symptoms the child is experiencing. They can diagnose the underlying condition and prescribe the further course of treatment.

Communication with teachers:

Make sure that you are having regular interactions with your child’s teacher. Did they also notice a change in the behavior of the child in school? If so, can they pin point a reason for the same. There are times when a child may be having a problem with a particular subject due to which his self-confidence may be at a low ebb. There are times when a child may find it difficult to express his difficulties with teachers. The key here is to have a discussion with the teachers and finding a positive solution to the situation.

Positivity helps:

Admonishing a child for scoring low grades is a strict no, no. Make sure that the emphasis is on learning and application of that learning, rather than just score more marks. This approach will help the child fall in love with learning. When a child is feeling low, instead of scolding him, talk to him about a time when he had done well in the exams. Tell the child that your love for them would remain the same, irrespective of their grades.

As one of the topmost CBSE Schools in Coimbatore, our teachers make sure that they interact with parents on a regular basis, keeping them updated about the progress made by their wards. Every attempt is made to provide students with an atmosphere, where learning is fun and not a burden on the young minds. Definitely certain aspects could help a Child Struggling in School to face it and to overcome to be bold enough.

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