Grandfather Gandhi – Book Review

Improve the reading habit in Children. Books…bring out the hidden talents, imagination, creativity and an amazing way to explore the reality through imagination. Yes, it makes to Think, out of the box.

The book is a personal account of a young Arun Gandhi, who comes to India from South Africa, to his grandfather’s village and an important lesson he learnt from him. Since the book is written from the perspective of a young boy, it resonates with young readers.

The book is set during the time when young Arun Gandhi, the grandson of the Father of the Nation, comes to Sevashram. For the young boy, it does take some time to get used to the simple and disciplined lifestyle at the village.

A turning point in the boy’s life comes when during a game of soccer he is pushed by another boy. Anger wells up inside the young boy. But wait, can the grandson of the apostle of peace and non-violence get angry? How does one control anger? The boy decides to approach his grandfather and seek his advice. What happens next? What does the great man teach the young Arun Gandhi? That in a nutshell forms the crux of the book.

If there was one word to describe the illustrations, it would be fantastic. The illustrator Evan Turk has done a fabulous job with the colourful collage paintings. The images complement the writing perfectly. The vivid imagination and creativity of the illustrator further enhances the appeal of the book.

It is not surprising that the book has become a favourite with the young and the old. The narrative which brings alive life at the Sevashram, the beautifully done illustrations and the lesson that one gets to learn, make it such a wonderful read.

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