8 Unbeatable Benefits of Playing

Unbeatable benefits of playing !!

Not for nothing did they say, ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. This old English proverb is perhaps more relevant in this day and age, where children are spending an increasing number of hours with digital gadgets. In a world where child obesity is on the rise, parents and teachers alike should make sure that kids get enough play time. For playing has got several benefits. Good impact of sports on academics too.

Natural settings:

Playing leads to children spendingtime in natural settings. Playing in a park or a ground, in fresh air, helps promote health of children.

Motor skills:

Playing helps in developing things such as balance and motor skills in kids.

Improves bone and muscle strength:

The various movements involved in playing helps in improving bone and muscle strength in children.

Sound sleep:

Playing helps to promote sound sleep in children. Additionally play also helps kids develop healthy eating habits.

Weans them away from digital devices:

Parents these days are having a tough time weaning their kids away from digital devices such as mobiles, computers and TV. Playing outdoor offers a good way to wean them away from spending too much time on these devices.

Positive impact on studies:

Playing is also known to improve cognition and thinking powers. This in turn means better concentration during study time. Improvement in overall health due to play leads to better focus, as well increased confidence levels.

Socializing and communication skills:

Playing also has beneficial effects on socializing and communication skills. While doing so it also helps children understand the importance of team work.

Planning and strategizing:

Playing brings out the creative talent of children. This is where they learn about planning early in their life.

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