Where the Wild things are? – Book Review

Book review content for parents and children make them to choose the right book for reading and to spend their valuable time satisfactory. We, being a student-centric CBSE School in Coimbatore we provide the life message driven from the best stories for children for their self development. Some of our book reviews include The Rainbow Fish, The Great Mathematician – The boy who dreamed of Infinity and Grandfather Gandhi.

In all the wild world, there is no more, a desperate a creature, than a human being on the verge of losing love – Atticus.

Good children’s literature appeals not only to the child in the adult, but to the adult in the child- says Von Goethe, writing for children is indeed a challenging task now. The new world that has bloomed with the technology as it aide had killed the child’s fantasy, the child’s ability to imagine. There had been times when a child wouldn’t question the mother about the existence of Santa or the ‘Tooth Fairy’, but now the child is convinced that there’s no such thing as Santa. It’s quite saddening that this world, this psyche of the child which is straight forward with no room for improvisation is depressing, if one can say that.

The child’s too immersed in the virtual world that there is literally no story time at all, there were stories that impart morals to the kids, they discipline them, good kids get rewarded and naughty ones are not: the child’s devoid of this instruction, the only moral story that he/she might encounter is in a virtual game where they score points by shooting another virtual character, but do they know that it’s wrong to kill? Yet why is it that such games are encouraged and kids go shooting other kids for fun! Alarming! The need for story time and to foster imagination, to create a world, a peaceful world with beings that are kind and not so kind which might teach a child some valuable lesson that will help the child become a better adult, for the child is the father of the man, this is the need of the hour.

Kids should feel very convenient to express their emotions. Thus we as a student-centric CBSE School in Coimbatore have saparate clubs for language and theatre to make them to express their emotions well and also to feel lively.

Maurice Bernard Sendak’s Novel

The reason why I chose this book for reviewing is to kindle such imagination in young kids. Maurice Bernard Sendak published the novel in 1963 and it’s been popular ever since, Maurice came to be acknowledged as a children’s book author with the publication of this book. The book has very little printed sentences and more illustrations, for Maurice is an illustrator but it speaks to the child in more words than actual sentences can. The book has very few pages but it is a voluminous one providing so much that a child needs – comfort, moral lesson and top of that love that transcends all boundaries. To respect everything and everything is part of the same world nothing goes unappreciated.

‘MAX’ in his wolf’s costume

The story goes around ‘MAX’ in his wolf’s costume, who adorning the costume becomes quite mischievous and handful that he shouts at his mother, “I’ll eat you” – the big bad wolf says that,his mother calls him ‘wild thing’ and he is sent to his room without dinner and his room transforms –  a new world opens – he sets foot in the new realm, the un trodden water. So what’s significant about this new world, this is where the wild things are: that roared their terrible roar and gnashed their terrible teeth.

Max could tame the wild things by just looking at them without blinking an eye – he could keep looking at their yellow eyes that they call him the wildest of all and made him their king. This simple act teaches the very basic etiquette to a child that look at the other person’s eyes while conversing and even if one’s fazed with something terrible and big don’t give up, often the answer is quite simple like what Max did, he could conquer the beasts by just looking at them. There are no complicated answers, as what Holmes would say, ‘Elementary Mr. Watson!’

The king’s order

The king orders them for a wild rumpus and sends them to bed without supper just the way he was sent, without supper, and starts feeling lonely. He feels so unloved! Thinking about love made him take a whiff of the good smells wafting in the air, so he gives up being the king and goes in search of the gourmet, with the wild things calling out, we will eat you for that’s how much we love you. This line is the reflection of the child’s heart, him resenting, he is just soothing his wounded heart saying, I didn’t want to eat mama, I love her, I said that because I love her. The child’s imaginary world stems from his/her’s subconscious, where the dreams are rooted from. The child created this world with the wild things and he is the king because his mother had called him ‘wild thing’ and the child is actually trying to say that it’s not bad to be wild.

The King finally gave up his kingdom to come back to his very own room where his dinner was waiting for him, which was still hot, shall we say a warm dinner- the child felt unloved- and this food says otherwise- you were just sent to your room to atone but you will not be left alone to be eaten by hunger pangs. The child learns that, his wild heart is tamed. This simple story has several layers of meaning to be deciphered. The story from the child’s perspective, how words have monstrous impact in the child’s psyche and they do overcome their shortcomings in this world by solving similar situations in their makeshift world as Max.

The disappeared imaginary world
student centric cbse school_where the wild things are_The Camford School Coimbatore

This world, this imaginary world is what has disappeared with the kids now. The kids will have to discover this world for much of these stories might face an early death without their forest, these monsters need a land, a mystical land and they might soon die out without a child to foster and create more imaginary lands so that they might thrive in their imagination. This reminds me of what the Pooh bear says, sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart. Thus simple imagination is the key to open this realm and children will have to nurture their reading habits to be able to create such universes.

Improving the reading habit of children plays a significant role in a student-centric CBSE School in Coimbatore. It makes children to open up with their creative skills, imagination skills, communication skills and more. Sometimes it makes children to think out of the box too.

A writer only begins a book. It is the reader who finishes it

A writer only begins a book; it is the reader who finishes it. Reading such books of fantasy tells us that not only that there are wild things but they can be tamed as well, like, if there are fire breathing dragons; you can beat them as well. Let’s embark on this new journey because a good book can take you places, make you see and tell you more than any other possible being in this universe. A good book review by the student-centric CBSE School in Coimbatore.

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