The Magical Rain – Joy of Children

Nature is our best teacher. Sometimes nature teach a lot of life lessons to us. Only thing we have to do is to listen, to observe nature, thats it. Very simple right. Being a good CBSE School in Coimbatore we are intended to educate our children about the nature and its system with our Eco club. This club gives knowledge about the soil, rain, air, water and the heat energy which helps for cultivation of crops. Yes the very basic need of human beings and animals…of course it is ‘Food’. This knowledge makes every child to know more about the nature and helps them to go along with the nature a long way with the knowledge of keeping it safe. Yes, Kids can save the Earth!! Little hands can do wonders.

The word ‘Rain’ gives a happy, satisfied, contented, chill out feel whenever we think of it. If ever there is a season that is close to ones heart, it is the monsoons. Seasons are the part of a year. Most of the places in the World have four seasons, in some places, there are different number of seasons too. In India we have four types of monsoons. Monsoons are the most welcoming one, each one gives a different feel to enjoy and to live with the nature.

The farmer looks up eagerly at the billowing rain clouds. The parched earth and the wilting leaves of plants and trees wait for the first drop of rain. The swealtering heat has sapped all living things. And then it comes with the drumroll of thunder and flashes of lightning…the whole earth is recharged.. glistening with droplets of water and the heady scent of earth.

kids joy to rain_good cbse school in coimbatore_The Camford International School

As the saying “Children and rain are inseparable,” the most excited are the children. Puddles to jump into, paper boats to sail, watching earthworms as it emerges from the squelching mud and frogs and tadpoles in the pools of water. The rain droplets on the green grass, shaking of tree branch during rainy season gives great feel when you are showered by the tree leaves which holds the droplets of rain. Awesome feel…isn’t it?? Oh ..the magic of monsoon is endless.

As adults our perspectives vary. We worry about catching a cold, traffic snarls, flooding etal. But let the child enjoy these simple joys. Let him dance with the peacocks in the rain. Let him get coated in mud after a vigourous game of football. It is all part of growing up and as parents let us permit our children to enjoy the magic of the rains.

A good feel of children for rain by the Eco club of good CBSE School in Coimbatore is never ending as the children love it. Let them establish that connect with mother nature always.

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