Ways to save the earth – Little hands can do wonders!!

Kids can save the Earth! The land I stand on is what I stand for!! Here are the ways to save the earth. The belief that someone will save the earth is the greatest threat to our planet. The earth is common to all the living beings on it. Little hands can do the wonder to save it.

  • Kids can be taught to recycle paper. This recycled paper can be used for writing or for making creative craft.
  • Old toys can be distributed among poor kids, for whom many of these toys could be a dream come true.
  • Similarly, children can be taken to drives for distributing old clothes. In a world of excessive clothes this is one way of ensuring that kids don’t contribute to landfills.
  • Children can also distribute their old shoes to the needy. This again is a way to ensure that they don’t contribute anything to the landfills. The old shoes can also be neatly polished before being distributed among the needy kids.
ways to save the earth_CBSE_The Camford School Coimbatore
  • Children should be taught to iron clothes. They should be taught to iron clothes within quick time, in order to save electricity.
  • Children should be taught to train other kids in ensuring saving of natural resources.
  • Children should be taken on forest camps, so that they can see wildlife in close quarters. This way it will ensure that they are able to see the lifestyle of wild animals.
  • They should be able to teach other children about the importance of saving other natural resources such as water and electricity.
  • Children should be taught to never waste left overs. Instead they should be taught to give away the left overs to the poor and needy. Once they are taught these habits at a young age, it will stay with them forever.
  • Children should be taught to save water from a young age. For example, there should be a timing within which they should finish off their shower. They should also be taught to wash clothes and save water in the process. They should realize that water is one of the most precious of natural resources which needs to be preserved.
  • Kids should be encouraged to use their bicycles more in order to make them realize the importance of saving fuel.

As a top CBSE School in Coimbatore, we always make an endeavor through our drives to teach children the ways to save the earth and also about the importance of helping the poor and needy, while at the same time ensuring that we don’t contribute to landfilling. Yes, Kids can save the Earth.

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