Ways to overcome Negative thoughts from your mind – The Pandora’s box, Retain only hope

Glad!! Here are the ways to overcome Negative thoughts from your mind and retaining the hope of life. Let us open up the Pandora’s Box and know the interesting facts that relates to our life. Playing with fantasies is always fun. One of the most interesting fantasy game that you can play is to open the Pandora’s Box!!! Obviously all hell would break loose. Out came envy, deceit, anger, jealously, every negative emotion that you can think of.

Needless to say, all hell broke out. It is difficult to deal with a single negative emotion and here we are having to deal with so many of them! The thing with negative emotions is that one leads to another. They tend to form a vicious chain.

There are instances in our life, where life would mirror the Pandora box story. Illness for example is one of them. Someone cheating us is another example of a Pandora box example. A good friend may turn a traitor. A relationship may go sour. The list can virtually go on and on.

The only way to deal with all these negative emotions is by remaining positive. According to mythology, do you know what remained in the box, after everything had flown out? Hope. It is a symbolic representation that despite all the negativity that you see around, there is always hope.

Hope is what keeps us going. Hope is what which keeps us positive amidst all the negativity around. They don’t say, “Hope sustains the world” for nothing. It is an emotion that has the ability to completely transform our lives.

So, let’s drive out all those negative emotions from the Pandora’s Box and create ways to overcome Negative thoughts from your mind and heart, ultimately retaining only hope in our lives. It will keep reminding us that we will be in a much better space in the immediate future.

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