Benefits of theatre in education – The importance of performing arts for kids

Benefits of theatre in education make children to be expressive. Many people think that performing arts is for those who want to have a future career in the showbiz or television soap operas. How wrong they are? While it may be a career option, it is something that everyone should try as kids, for it offers several benefits. It helps build and enhance personalities. That is the most significant fact in having theater clubs in schools especially the best CBSE Schools in Coimbatore provide good theater education for their students. Let us take a closer look at some of the key benefits that theatre offers, which automatically help in the improvement of their education.

Improved language:

This is a given for you need to have good language to shine in performing arts. Good language is something that does not improve overnight. It takes its own time for kids. In a multi-lingual country like ours, there is the added advantage of becoming good at multiple languages too.

Memory Booster:

Lengthy dialogues, emotional reaction to another artist’s dialogues, etc surely need a person to have good memory. Plays and dramas are therefore a good exercise for brain power!

Learning opportunities:

This is a given. Dramas and plays give children to learn about ancient stories, culture, civilizations, etc. They give them an opportunity to reinforce what they may have learnt in their textbooks. Quite often plays may be a good way to teach them.

Voice modulation:

Voice modulation is something that again does not improve overnight. For kids who regularly take part in plays, it offers an opportunity to improve their voice modulation, according to the emotion that they want to convey. This helps to improve their skills at expressing things.


This again goes without saying. Performing arts do trigger the creativity part in an individual. Kids may be able to give their suggestions to improve a play. It could be with regard to dialogues, costume, settings, etc.

Overcoming shyness:

Performing arts are one of the best ways to help a child overcome shyness. Once they get accustomed to performing before a large audience, it automatically helps overcome shyness.

Improved self-confidence:

With improved lingual skills, ability to emote before an audience, and hold their own on stage, it automatically translates into improved confidence levels.

As one of the best CBSE schools in Coimbatore, we at The Camford School give a lot of importance to performing arts. Plays and dramas are a regular feature at the events in our school. Children are put through regular practice to improve their skills in these areas.           


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