5 Tips to Improve Your Child’s Memory

How to improve child’s memory ? We all know the important role that memory plays in learning. Not everybody though is born with razor sharp memory. There are a few tips which can help improve your child’s memory.

Make learning interesting:

This is a real challenge for both parents and teachers. Application oriented learning is a great way to ensure that the child understands a process well. A variety of tools such as charts, graphics, drawings, songs, rhymes, models, etc., can be used to make the learning process, as interesting as possible. This active learning approach helps a child to understand concepts better and also retain the information for a long time.

Change the environment:

This is another interesting activity that parents can try out. For example, if you need to teach your kid about plants, then head to the nearest park. Similarly, if you want them to know about animals, where do you head to? The nearest zoo, right? This kind of learning would be not only fun, but will help add to whatever the children have learned in their classrooms.

Make notes:

Jotting down important points while reading is a good way to remember key parts in a lesson. Writing is known to help people retain things longer in their memory. It is a habit that is best cultivated at a young age. Noting down key points helps the child to retain and recollect chunks of information in a better manner.

Reading aloud:

This is another trick that can be helpful for improving memory. Parents can ask their children to read aloud and ask them questions in between, to make sure that they have understood a lesson well. As a bonus it will also help improve a child’s pronunciation and overall communication skills.

The importance of play:

Getting outdoors and playing also does wonders to the memory. Let your child cultivate a healthy interest in sports and games. It will help them some fresh air. As well as make them physically fit. Play is also a great stress buster. Remember, there is nothing to beat exercise when it comes to boosting brain power.

Take care of your child’s diet:

The importance of good diet cannot be reemphasized when it comes to memory (check for the food good for memory). Make sure that your child is eating all the right nutrients to keep your child in good health. Remember, there is a direct connection between diet and cognitive abilities

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