Are summer camps really good for kids?

Summer camp for kids ! Come summer and every parent is left searching answers for the million dollar question – “Are summer camps worth the hype?” The answer is a resounding ‘Yes’, because summer camps do come with their own set of benefits.

Leadership qualities:

Summer camps offer an excellent way to bring out innate leadership qualities. Take for example, if you had considered your daughter to be of the shy and timid type, suddenly inspired by new friends and the settings that she found at the camp, she could be leading a trekking team. When kids look at other kids taking initiatives and finishing tasks, it does inspire them too to take on leadership roles, knowing who is a good leader.

Staying alone:

The summer camp is perhaps the only time when the child may be staying on his or her own. This in itself is a great learning experience. Staying away from parents will instill a sense of responsibility. They will need to entirely depend on their decision making skills. It would also help develop their will power. And at the end of it all, they are sure to find that they have grown up in a matter of few days.

Taking decisions:

Since children would be all alone in the place, it will help them to develop responsibility and take decisions on their own. Quite often children get used to taking any decision only after consulting their parents. In this particular situation, they are left with no choice but to take their own decisions (taking confident decisions).

Making new friends:

There is no better place to make friends than in a summer camp. This is because you will meet people from different geographical locations. Summer camps are a sort of mini melting pots for this reason. You can get to know about new cultures and languages here. Some of the friendships that you make here can even last a lifetime.

Learning discipline:

There is nothing like a summer camp to learn discipline. Since there are several activities that need to be completed and many things to be learnt, the schedule is usually choc-a-block. The boot camp experience is a good way to instill a sense of discipline in kids. There are strict timings for going to sleep, rising and then getting ready.

No screen time:

One of the biggest headaches modern day parents face is to wean away their children from the various screens, whether it is the TV, mobile phones, computers or tabs. If you are a parent struggling with the situation, one of the best options is to send your children to a summer camp, for here there would be no screen time.

Stay close to nature:

One of the biggest advantages that kids get by going to summer camps is the chance to explore nature. Far away from the din and noise of traffic, amidst lush green vegetation, summer camps do give children a chance to be close to nature, something that is unfortunately a rarity these days in urban areas.

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