What does it take to be a Leader? The Leadership Qualities

Leadership in Schools..!! Builds Future Leaders!!

Learning something early in life can help you get better at it in the future. Just like the academic knowledge, leadership too is an equally important quality that can make you stand out from the rest and help achieve life goals. Know who is a good leader and the leadership qualities.

The Leader resides in you

Leadership in Schools CBSE

We are aware that Jawaharlal Nehru is regarded as one of the most charismatic leaders in India, and not only him, there have been many leaders around the globe who have set some tremendous examples for generations to follow. The important question is, whether these personalities were born as leaders with leadership qualities? What makes a leader stand out from the rest? Can everyone become a leader? Is there any recipe to be followed in order to be one?

We all are born with certain qualities. Some of us know their qualities while some take time to realise the same.  As we grow and evolve, we often find ourselves in an environment which polishes our skills and helps us acquire new qualities, the essential life skills for kids. Learning is a never-ending process, with each day teaching us something new. So, the answer is yes, you can become a leader too.

While any person can try and become a leader, not every person can be called a good leader. Many confuse Leadership / Leadership in Schools with position or power but it is about what makes someone able to drive a group of individuals to achieve desired set of result or outcomes.

What Qualities you should posses?

Leadership in Schools team CBSE
  • The core of leadership is confidence and the ability to believe in yourself. To be able to move ahead in life, you have to believe in your own abilities and have the confidence to try out new activities in all spheres of life.
  • A person to become a good leader should possess listening skills, i.e. you should listen to what others are saying. A good leader considers the opinions of other people and acknowledges them as well. Nobody likes a dictator or a person who always dominates.
  • A leader is the one who maintains a positive attitude, has indomitable spirit stay motivated and motivate others, who is not egoistic and at the same time enjoys some humour too.
  • ‘We before I’- A leader is called a leader because of his/her team. A leader is never alone. A team is incomplete without a leader and so is the latter without the former.
  • Decision-making skills are also one of the main qualities required to become a good leader. The goal can be achieved by making the appropriate decisions, and this is one of the strongest characteristics that need to be present in a leader.
  • Social skills are of paramount importance in the present world. Being able to give your opinion and lead a team can only work when you can express your thoughts lucidly with oneness in mind being in the state of togetherness.

How to practice Leadership Qualities

School plays a pivotal role in building future leaders. School Chairman is so keen on bringing out the LEADERS. School provides a platform where students can develop their skills, where they socialise, learn things and inculcate leadership qualities. Know the leadership, one of the best ways to practice Leadership in Schools is to get involved in group activities, projects, extra-curricular activities and sports. An outcome of a team work with their hidden talents and extra-curricular activities will always an Extravaganza. Also, interact with your teachers, co-mates, exchange ideas, participate in debates so that you can put forth your opinion. Decide your career choice and maintain a positive attitude towards all the challenges you come across in your journey. Try to see the life in a Positive thinking – The sunny side of life!

Always remember there is no tomorrow so, “plan early, act early and start preparing early”.  Are you ready to be the next ‘YOU’?

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