How to talk to a teen ? Tips to communicate with your teen

How to talk to a teen ? Teenage years are some of the most exciting times for any person. There are a lot of physical changes happening. You suddenly realize that you are getting onto adulthood. While a teen may be physically growing fast, they still are not there when it comes to taking mature decisions. These are after all the ‘rebel’ years, where they are prone to taking impulsive decisions. Parents therefore need to understand the emotions of teens, which makes communicating with them easier. Remember, as parents we need to be ready to put in some effort to strengthen the bonds with our teenaged children. Let us take a few tips on how to make this happen.

Listen to them:

Before thinking that how to talk to a teen ? Better listen them. Yes, agreed that the teen years are the period when most people are prone to drastic mood swings. One moment your child is a rebel, the next they may be angry or may throw temper tantrums. However, it does not mean that you should stop communicating with them.  Hidden feelings of being wanted or seeking empathy may be behind all this. They may just simply want someone to listen to their anguish and pain. Giving them a patient hearing will go a long way in building the parent –child bond during the teen years, adolescence.

Show them empathy:

Try and understand the problem that a teen is having before you give advice. Try putting yourself into his or her shoes and get to the root of the problem. Tell them that as a parent your love for them is unconditional and they can share their innermost feelings with you without any inhibitions.

Don’t be frugal with praise:

Yes, praise them whole heartedly, whenever they have achieve something. It could be marks in their exams, a medal winning performance in a sports event, an award during the annual day, anything that deserves praise. Even a small encouraging pat on the back is enough to make their own self-esteem and respect for you skyrocket. Exactly, a right way to know how to talk to a teen.

Be stern, but not angry:

This is another thing that is often ignored by parents. Remember, nothing is achieved by getting angry with your teenaged children. It would only escalate a problem. Instead take the positive route. Try and get to the root of the issue. If they have indeed done something wrong, then tell them sternly that it is just not done. There is no point in getting angry. Instead, give solutions to their problems.

Create quality ‘talk time’:

No we are not talking about the ‘talk times’ advertised so aggressively by mobile phone companies. What we are saying is to make sure, however busy your schedule may be to get some time which you can spend with your teenaged children. It could be as simple as making sure that the whole family has at least a single meal together. If you are an avid sports buff, then maybe you can be out with your teen playing say a game of badminton or enjoying some cricket. All these are good ways to show your trust and love for your children.

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