4 Tips for Practicing Positive Affirmations

How to practice positive affirmations ? Not for nothing do they say that ‘we are what we think’. Our minds are always buzzing with thoughts, both positive and negative. Practicing positive affirmations help to build confidence and keep the negative thoughts at bay. For example, there is a difference between thinking “I don’t think that I can do this sum” and “I can do this sum”. The latter thought will spur you towards putting in the required efforts towards learning the steps to do the sum. Positive thoughts are known to play a key role in building self confidence and it applies to children too. Once they are taught about positive affirmations, it does help in them to believe in their abilities.


So, what is the first thing that you need to do for practice positive affirmations? Early mornings, just after you wake up and bedtime are two of the best times for practicing positive affirmations. Just as you wake up, if you were to make a few positive affirmations to yourself such as “I will concentrate hard during the classes today” or “I will enjoy completing my lessons today” or “I will complete all my assignments and homework today” are examples of some of the affirmations that you can do in the morning. Similarly, just before hitting the sack, you can just recall all the things that you learnt at school during the day. You can then make some affirmations such as “I will wake up fresh tomorrow morning and exercise’ or “I will try and excel at an essay competition tomorrow” or “I will do well in my exams”, or something else on these lines.


The second thing that you can do is to write down your affirmations. You can always note them in a dairy. For kids, it would be even better if their positive affirmations are written and kept in a place where they see the message often. For example, their wardrobe could be a good place to stick a message. Another place could be just above or even on a mirror, which they use daily.


The third step in the process is to remember perhaps the most important affirmation. Anyone practicing positive affirmations should not forget about is that they would stick to the routine. There may be times when you may feel that it is an exercise in futility and feel like quitting the habit. As parents we need to teach our kids that there are times when things may not work the way we want them to always and that it pays to be patient. This is where making the practice a part of the routine helps.


The final point to remember with positive affirmations is to ensure that the goals that are set are realistic. There is no point in setting a goal that is not achievable and the child feeling miserable about the whole thing after not being able to achieve it. This is an aspect that parents need to teach their children whenever they are giving them tips on setting goals to achieve.

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