A day in MR. BEAVER Series

 A good story from the best CBSE School author !

Chapter 1 – OFF TO THE TOWN

Crackle! Crack……. Tweet! Tweet! Rustle…This is the sound of dawn breaking. These were also the sounds that were heard by the sleeping Mr. Beaver, nature’s architect. He used these sounds as an alarm clock, finding none in the town which would suit him well. They were either too loud, too soft, or too expensive for him.

An upside-down tree

The ones that were perfect for him came in weird shapes, such as the one which was an upside-down tree with about 10 clocks shooting out of the tree’s roots, or the one which had a feather that tickled you when it rang. He walked out of his tree (His House) after freshening up. Mr. Squirrel had been deciding for more than 20 minutes if the acorns with a brown head and a cream lower part were a better breakfast for his family or the ones with a yellow ochre head and a reddish-brown lower part.

Sir Rabbit’s Cafe

The bears were having a honey-tasting contest. Mr. Beaver stepped into Sir Rabbit’s Cafe and ordered his usual, hot chocolate and chocolate chip cookies. He also got a croissant filled and topped with chocolate cream, with chocolate sprinkles. Mr. Beaver sure does love chocolate! He rarely has lunch, only having breakfast, tea, and supper. He always has some freshly bought fruits in the afternoon.

Daily trips to the farmer’s market

He has a stash of berries in a box in case he feels hungry during his daily trips to the farmer’s market in the town. Having reached the town while I was telling you about the food he likes. He was surprised to see the signs for Carrot Street and Stoney Boulevard interchanged.  

A Story from the best CBSE School author – A day with Mr.Beaver, To be continued…


Ashwath. R, 9 A

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