Is it good to help others? Know the benefits of helping others.

Benefits of helping others ! Come to think of it, there is perhaps nothing to beat the sense of satisfaction and fulfilment that one feels after helping others. Volunteering your time or money, donating old books, or going on a food distribution drive, any form of giving back to the community are said to improve a person’s physical and emotional health. If you still want a reason to help, then here are 6 top benefits of helping others.

Makes you happy:

There is perhaps no other action that gives greater happiness to a person than helping others. It is no wonder that helping others is considered good for psychological boost, for the sense of happiness that a person derives out of the action cannot be matched by anything else.

Makes the world a better place:

Although it would be utopian to think that everyone should help others, there is no denying the fact that the more the number of people who are into helping others or volunteering , the more good that we would be doing to our world. Helping others surely makes the world a better place to live in.

Helps develop gratitude:

Helping others and volunteering also helps people develop different perspectives. For example, while helping people struggling with poverty or some kind of illness, we tend to realize how fortunate we are and feel a sense of gratitude. This realization also leads to making this helping tendency a lifelong habit.

It spreads:

It is often seen that those who are into volunteering or have this habit of always helping others, tend to have more friends. It is seen that those who come into contact with such people too are inspired to help others.

Improved confidence levels:

Helping others, either at an individual level or through volunteering is also known to improve confidence level, which is a direct result of the positive vibes that emanate within you. Any such action is bound to improve a person’s self-esteem and confidence levels.

Make more friends:

Whenever you are helping others or partaking in some volunteering activity where you need to work as a team (team spirit), for e.g., during a food distribution drive, you tend to meet and make new friends. You develop new contacts in the community. This factor of fostering friendships is another plus that you get when you help others.

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