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Career guidance for students definitely shows a path to their successful future. “It’s not what you achieve. It’s what you overcome. That’s what define your career.” Our career plays a vital role in our lives. The path we choose to follow not only influences and affects our lives but equally affects the lives of people around us. It determines our social and professional life. Also, it shapes our lifestyle and further life choices. Thus, it is extremely important to choose the correct career path.

How to choose a career path?

From a very young age, we aspire to be something or the other. Some days we want to become a doctor and someday we feel that we can be great designers. As we grow up, we realize our potential and decide to build our career in a particular field. However, there are a number of factors that should be considered before choosing a career path. 

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The first and foremost step is to assess ourselves thoroughly. We must understand our area of interest in order to choose a career. It is pivotal to ensure that we have the caliber or potential to perform well in the field we choose. So, it is crucial to have a list of career choices in our hands which fills us with enthusiasm and excitement. Sometimes a student may have immense interest in a particular subject but might not be aware of the career options which the subject provides. Career guidance for students will help them a lot in selecting the right course for their future. 

For example, a student who loves studying political science and is fascinated by the functioning of government/society, may not be aware of the career choices which the discipline offers. He/she may believe the notion that only politicians can make a career out of Political Science – The Realm of Politics. If you are someone who has an interest in Political Science but not sure of the career options it provides, following are some fascinating fields provided by the contemporary celebrated discipline.

Career prospects in Political Science

Political Science is a perfect subject for anyone interested in establishing an understanding of how government functions and how it affects us. Of course it is vital to understand the relationship between political science & politics. In simple words, it is for those who are keen on critical thinking and analytical skills. Following are some exciting career options for Political Science Students:

CIVIL SERVICES: Becoming a Civil Servant is one of the popular career choices in our country. Not only political science students, but students from other fields too aspire to become IAS, IPS and IFS officers. In fact, it is regarded as one of the most respectable professions in India. Civil servants are permanent executives of India thus holds the power to bring a positive change in the country. The students of political science get an early exposure to the subject knowledge required to become a civil servant as Political Science forms the core of Civil services in India.

LAW: The students of political science are well versed with the Constitution of India and the laws of the Indian state as these are part of the syllabus of the subject. Since the students already have in-depth knowledge about the fundamentals of the discipline, the law makes an ideal career option.

JOURNALISM: Journalism is a fantastic career option for Political Science Students.  A good political journalist is someone who has profound expertise in politics and can use their knowledge to create awareness.

LEGISLATIVE ASSISTANT: Not many are aware of the fact that the Members of Parliament (MPs), elected officials, hire assistants to perform certain legislative duties.
These assistants work closely in collaboration with MPs on multiple areas including policy issue. They communicate and coordinate with other officials of their jurisdiction.

manage communications and promote the public image of a client or organization. In simple words, they influence public opinion about their clients based largely on placing stories with the media. Political science majors develop the writing skills needed to draft compelling press releases and the persuasive skills to assert the benefits of covering aparticular story.

INTELLIGENCE ANALYSTS: These analysts generally work in governments agencies, or companies who work with the government, in order to provide information about security threats. Example IB.

TEACHING: The interested students of Political Science can consider teaching as one of the respectable careers. Teaching is not only about educating the young minds but it is also about shaping the future of the country.

POLITICAL SCIENTIST: Those who are truly passionate about this discipline can opt for MA or Ph.D. in political science and become political thinkers and subject matter experts. They can also become professors and teach in universities. 

The Growing popularity of political science

Other than the aforementioned fields, students can also build their careers in marketing as well as NGOs like Oxfam, Green Peace etc. With the growing popularity of political science as a discipline, students can now find work as a Political Analyst, Political and Election campaign staff, Immigration Officer, Human Rights Activists, etc. Thus career guidance for students help them to choose a career path based on passion and interest in the field.

Author: Ms. Neha Singh
Faculty, TCIS

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