Harmful side effects of fast foods ! Be aware and be very healthy !

Why fast foods are not good for health? Picture this. Your beloved son comes running into the house after his cricket practice, all famished, looking for a quick bite. “Mama, why don’t you give me something to eat,” he screams. Your hand automatically reaches for your mobile and one of those food delivery apps. After all there are ‘n’ number of fast food joints, waiting to tickle your taste buds with a mindboggling variety of food items. However, have you ever stopped to think about the harmful side effects of these food items? Unfortunately, this is a scene that is playing out in a good number of homes these days. Let us know the harmful side effects of fast foods.

No nutritional value

While not all fast food can be termed junk food, there is no denying the fact that a good majority of them fall under that category. We keep coming across news reports and articles talking about the kind of harm that ingredients in fast food items such as sugar, sodium, different types of syrup, lots of carbohyrates, etc., can cause to your health. Regular consumption of such processed ingredients is an invitation to chronic health issues like type 2 diabetes, hypertension, high levels of LDL or “bad cholesterol”, obesity, etc. to mention only some. These type of ingredients have no nutritional value.

Strict no, no

Most junk food items contain large amounts of sugar. Regular consumption of these food items is a kind of invitation to diseases like type 2 diabetes. These food items are typically low in fiber content and vitamins and can lead to such chronic conditions. Soft drinks are another example of junk food items which contain no nutritional value. These beverages contain large quantities of sugar and could lead to obesity and dehydration.

Just like sugar, typically fast food items also contain large amounts of salt i.e., sodium in them, excess intake of which is known to be the culprit behind many chronic health conditions. Intake of large quantities of sodium is known to increase blood pressure, which in turn increase the risk factor for damage to kidney, eyes, heart, etc. Remember ! Harmful side effects of fast foods will make us unhealthy and regular consumption of the same may be an invite to the health issues.

Healthy alternatives

So, what is the solution then, you may ask? Well, the answer is actually simple, eat healthy. While there is nothing wrong in eating such food items once a while, their regular consumption is best avoided. Instead why not try out healthy alternatives. Homemade snacks for example, with limited amounts of sugar /salt are a good example. Similarly, inclusion of food items that are high in fiber content such as fruits and vegetables is always good. Whole grains are another healthy option for the entire family. As for beverages, there is nothing to beat plain, simple drinking water. Of-course, how can we take this substance for granted ? If your kids find water bland, then there is always the choice of fruit and vegetable juices.

And these days with the internet for help, all the Moms out there need not worry, for there are dozens of recipes they can try out at home. Teach your kids right from a young age about the importance of eating healthy. Teach them not to equate good taste with good health. Develop a healthy interest in your children about the ingredients that go into food items, which would serve them well in their adulthood. The next time you take your kid to the departmental store give them an activity. Ask them to note down the ingredients in each food product on display. So that we can reduce the consumption and also the harmful side effects of fast foods.

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