How to make my child responsive? – A few handy tips

How to make my child responsive ? Responsive parenting helps raise resilient kids. Children have problem with their behavior whenever they don’t get something that they want. Positive parenting strategies help the children in dealing with such issues.

Create a positive atmosphere.

If you want to raise a responsive child, then make sure that you maintain a nurturing environment. Even if your kid has done something wrong, don’t lose your cool. Calmly explain him about the benefits of positive actions and the reason for following them.

Hit the playground running.

Just because you became an adult does not mean that you should stop playing. It is one of the best ways to strengthen bonds with your child. It will mean more fresh air and physical activity, both of which will add to your good health. That is the physical health part. The fun that you will have with your kid, will additionally help improve your mental health too.

Respond to emotions

Respond to your child’s emotions. For example, if your son is crying, then you need to immediately take care of him. Tell him to stop crying and be calm. If you feel that your child is still in need activities which could release tension from various parts of the body.

Show interest in the child’s activities

Something as simple as drinking water can help your child become calm, educate them to conserve water. Always show interest in the child’s activities. For example, your child may have done something at school, as part of his or her extracurricular activities. Find out from them about the experience and what made it so special.

Fix a ‘communication time’

Keep all communication channels open with your child (Know how to improve your communication skills). Encourage your child to share all their feelings. You can also fix a ‘communication time’, when you can both share your innermost feelings. Usually the dinner table and the time just before you sleep is a good time, also if possible share bedtime stories and be a story teller !

A positive message

Don’t be harsh on a child. Yes, children do make mistakes. Don’t we make a few regularly? There is nothing that you can achieve with scolding a kid. It will only make the situation worse. Instead be stern, but be respectful. Tell the child that bad behaviour is not acceptable. Get a positive message across to the kid.

Key objectives

One of the key objectives at the school is to foster critical thinking. Similarly, we give students opportunities to try their hands at many different extra-curricular activities.

This focus on academics and co-curricular activities is one of the key reasons, the school is counted among the top CBSE schools in Coimbatore. Visit us today to know more.

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