Equilibrium Trade Fair- Making of Young Entrepreneurs

Management studies in school make the following saying true “For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.”

Experiential learning is a well-known model in education. It is a process where knowledge is created through experience and exposure. The “Equilibrium Trade fair” organised by talented minds of the Camford is one such example of experiential learning, where the youth learns about Management studies through commercial experience.

Need for Management studies

Management studies in school are an outstanding medium that can facilitate the improvement of various qualities such as leadership, communication and innovation. It provides an opportunity and everyday skills to improve the competitiveness which aligns and aids to educational career of the students. Also, it ensures optimum utilization of resources. Through proper planning and organization, the entrepreneurs achieve efficiency in all their operations.

We believe in inspired learning. For us, learning is about going beyond the textbook knowledge; we inculcate exploring by going beyond labs and playgrounds.Giving the platform to the students to apply their commercial and management knowledge is a part of our belief and Bringing out the entrepreneurial traits in children, rising Young Enterpreneurs.

A Sneak-Peak to our fest cum trade fair

Have you ever witnessed multiple talents under one roof?  Well, every year our passionate young entrepreneurs’ of Grade 11 organise “Equilibrium Trade fair”,“a fest where the students showcase and demonstrate their stunning marketing and business development skills. The energy and enthusiasm used by the students are truly remarkable.

The students pool in a very small lump sum which can be considered as their investment and with that, they  put forthvarious stalls born out of innovative ideas including daily use products, stationery, food and many interactive games all designed by the students themselves. Keeping the budget in mind the team comes up with themes, decoration etc. which makes the event more engaging and interesting. This is their first step towards a successful business venture as effective use of funds and team synergy are paramount in successful execution of a business plan.

Learning management skills through commercial experience

Students take responsibility of their defined roles and teamspirit to work together like a well-oiled machinery to set up their stalls with their ideas neatly incorporated and budget judiciously spent. Team work ensures that their business model is ready to give them the desired profits.

management studies in school_CBSE_commercial experience_The Camford School Coimbatore

Marketing, Finance and Operations form the core of any business plan execution. Students work smart to attract audience to their stalls, thus learning the subtle art of marketing. Billing and accounting of money teaches the principles of finance / Money management and finally service or product delivery ensures operations are executed smoothly. Thus Management studies in school give a great commercial experience to students. This Money Management – Let the kids know the true “value” of money.

Let the experience speak:

One of our young entrepreneurs, Shrey.A of batch 2019-20, eyeing for his future in the field of Management shared his experience of being a part of this gala event.

“The fest was conducted on the 23rd of November 2019. The students who visited the fare were allowed to bring a maximum amount of ₹500 each. The cash was converted into no- refundable tokens and the students could spend the tokens in the stalls. The auditorium was split into two halves to accommodate the crowd and each side had a total of 20 stalls which was a combination of 11 food stalls showcasing dishes like Pizza, PaniPuri, French fries, Minis, Milkshakes etc. Also, 9 games stalls were put by us which included video games, ping pong, dart etc. The event was split into 3 batches giving one hour each to the primary school, middle school and high school. There was a gap between the slots in order to perform the opening dance for the event. Each stall had a minimum of 1 student from commerce and a support student from science class. Each stall could have a maximum of 3 students based on the strength of our batch.

There was also a photo booth in order to help the students capture memories. The work was completely split among the students and decided by the students. The entire event was split into levels, where the students had to report to an organizing committee which consisted of 6 members. The students were given a choice to decide if they wanted to belong to the food committee or the games committee. Organizing the event was great fun and a really new experience. It was a great success and the batch earned profits. It helped the students understand the methods to handle a trading event and also talk to people like the caterers and bargain on various grounds.”

Our Vision and Mision: INSPIRED LEARING

With Indian government’s growing emphasis on job creation in the economy, it is highly important that nuances of entrepreneurship are inculcated in school itself. This will be a first step in turning our youths into job creators rather than job seekers. Camford ensures the students learn about management studies along with the commercial experience to implement the same. It is sure that Management studies in school definitely let out young entrepreneurs.

Author: Ms. Neha Singh
Faculty, TCIS

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