Road safety for kids

Road safety for kids !! Yes, it is mandatory. There are no two ways about it. It is one of the most important duty of parents to teach children about road safety rules. They should also set the right example by following them too.

Road safety education:

It is important that children are taught from a young age about road safety. They need to for example be aware of traffic rules and signals. Schools should make it a point to conduct activities that would increase their awareness about road safety.

Use the zebra crossing:

Heavy traffic is something that is very common in our country. In such a situation it becomes important to teach children about the importance of using the zebra crossing for crossing roads. Parents and teachers can teach them about looking left, then right and then left again before they cross the road.

Not using mobile phones:

These days it has also become important to teach children about avoiding the use of mobile phones while walking near roads or when crossing them. Any kind of distraction should be avoided, particularly when crossing roads. Therefore, mobile phones are a strict no-no for kids, whenever they are near a road.

Use seat belts:

The use of seat belts when seated in a car or an SUV cannot be overemphasized. Make sure that fastening the seat belt is the first thing that children do after they enter cars. Teach them about the importance of using the seat belt, whichever seat they are sitting on, the front or the rear ones.

Don’t play on roads:

This is another important thing that parents need to teach about the road safety for kids. Kids playing on roads is something that is just not acceptable. Teach them that they should not run on roads. Remember, children are known to get distracted easily and therefore parents need to teach them about not using the road to play or run along.

Using protective gear:

Use safety gear whenever your child goes out for cycling. Cycling helmets for example, are a must. Similarly, they need to wear the elbow and knee guards. They should also be taught to use only exclusive cycling alleys and not to stray onto roads. Know the on road cycling laws.

Role model:

Kids always look up to their parents. Set the right example for them. Follow every traffic rule diligently and it is sure to send out the right message to your kids too.

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