Is it correct to share family tensions with kids?

Know the effects of family tension on kids. Whenever there are people living together for a substantial amount of time, there is bound to be differences of opinion arising from time to time. This is a reality that people need to accept. There will be conflicts in a family. What matters is how we deal with the situation? How soon we are able to resolve issues and move forward? These are the key questions. These questions become especially important when there are kids at home. Remember, constant exposure to conflicts at home can result in significant mental trauma. It can lead to low self-esteem and have an overall detrimental effect on the mental health of a child.

Avoid resorting to any kind of aggressive behavior

Any of kind of conflict is therefore best avoided in front of children. Both the parents need to understand that children look up to them as their ‘perfect’ role models. They just cannot bear them shouting and screaming at each other. Parents therefore need to make a resolution, even before a child is born to make sure that come what may they will try and avoid resorting to any kind of aggressive behavior whenever there is a disagreement between the partners and that they will resolve issues in a calm and civilized manner. They also need to show that they have resolved issues now and that things are now hunky dory.

Taught at a young age

Parents also need to ensure that they teach their children, right from a young age about conflict resolution. Getting them involved in sports and other team activities can help them learn that others can have differing opinions and that we need to respect them irrespective of the differences. They should be also taught at a young age that even in case of a disagreement, people can always sit down and have a chat for resolving whatever the issue. They also need to be taught that sometimes people may not agree on a point and yet remain amicable while agreeing to disagree.

Keep the channels of communication open

No family tension on kids..! It is important for parents to keep the channels of communication open with their kids. Given the tight work schedules that parents have nowadays, families need to plan for having at least one meal together. This can be the time where everyone in the family, including the children can share what happened during the day or come out with any problems for which they want a solution. Listen to your children, for it makes them feel valued. Make sure that you plan for some quality family time regularly. It could be a trip to a nearby park or a full-fledged vacation, whatever it is, it helps strengthen relationships and put a full stop to any tensions.

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