Treat your child equally. Girl or a boy child, know the importance

Treat your child equally. It is a debate that has been going on for ages now. A girl child or a boy child – who is better? Let us take a closer look at the many facets of parenting girls and boys. Every individual has his or her unique abilities and talents. We must appreciate these qualities, irrespective of gender. After all, every child deserves the unbiased love of their parents. This helps build an inclusive society, where everyone gets equal opportunities to thrive and flourish.

Everyone is created equal

There is always this argument, about whether boys are better than girls or vice-versa. However, let us all understand one thing here. Everyone is created equal and we should not look at one gender as being superior to the other. They are generally poles apart when it comes to behavior. While the girls are more focused and silent, boys general tend to be ‘action’ oriented. They tend to be physically more active than girls.

Treat your child equally.

For all the talk of gender equality, there are many different facets of raising boys and girls. Let us start with toys. While unisex toys are popular, it is generally found that girls are naturally drawn towards dolls and other soft toys, while boys are drawn towards toys with masculine qualities, know the child psychology of playing. Similarly, girls are known to do better in the classroom, especially during the younger grades. This is attributed to their superior language skills than boys. This is where fine motor skills, which helps in activities such as arts, drawing and writing too helps.

The right kind of atmosphere must be provided for both girls and boys for their overall development. The first step to start the process is to eliminate gender stereotyping. Both boys and girls should be given opportunities to express their views freely and contribute positively to society.

Gender-neutral parenting

While there are differences in raising a boy and a girl child, an increasing number of parents these days are opting for gender-neutral parenting. This helps to break gender stereotypes and helps the child to explore their varying interests. Every child must be treated equally, irrespective of their gender.

At the school, we have established a system where continuous feedback about the student’s academic progress is shared with their parents. This kind of steps have made us the preferred choice of parents, searching for a disciplined environment for their children’s study. You get all this and more at the best CBSE school in Coimbatore.

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