Why are children impatient ? What to do when your child is impatient?

Why are children impatient ? Children are always buzzing with energy. They are meant to be like that. It is almost next to impossible to make them sit at a place. This is especially true in the case of the younger graders. They are absolute bundles of energy. They are constantly running around. Doing something along with their siblings or friends. How do you stop them from being impatient? Let us take a look at some tricks to make them patient.

  • Have a routine. This is one of the simplest ways to build patience. Kids know what is to be expected at a particular time. This stops them from getting impatient.

  • Distraction. This is one of the simplest ways to build in some patience, especially in the younger ones. As soon as you feel that your child is getting impatient, just take him or her somewhere else. Just keep talking to them, while you take them to a park.

  • Teach them doing things mindfully. For example, if they are eating something, let them eat slowly, savouring the taste. This will also mean that they will chew the food item well. Similarly, teach them to do things with full concentration. Let it be any activity, whether they are doing homework, they are studying, let them be fully involved in it.

  • Reduce screen time. Excessive screen time is known to make children impatient. Encourage your kids to take part in their favorite sports. Things such as catching a ball, hitting it with a bat or kicking a soccer ball, can all help improve their physical fitness, apart from improving their concentration, as well as being an outlet for their energy.

  • Be the right role model. Kids are forever observing the behavior of their parents. It is therefore important that you display patience in all your actions. This will automatically rub off on your kids.

  • Delay rewards. Promised your children their favorite ice-cream after dinner today, for performing well in their unit test? Then let them wait. Let it be delayed gratification. It helps build patience.

  • Praise your child. This is another strategy to develop their patience. Whenever they do something good, praise them. This kind of positive affirmation will also help in strengthening the parent-child bond(Parent child relationship).

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