5 Key benefits of knowing other language ! Especially your mother tongue !!

Benefits of knowing other language ! Mother tongue is what a toddler start picking up right from the time of their birth. It plays a pivotal role in their lives. Let us take a look at some of the key reasons.

Expressing themselves

Kids pick up most things by observing their parents, siblings and their grandparents. It is but natural that they also pick up language from them. This becomes their medium of communication with them. When it comes to expressing their feelings or any other emotions, it is best conveyed through their mother tongue.

Helps learn other languages

The language skills that kids pick up when they learn their native language also helps them when they are learning other languages. Since they are already aware about forming sentences or conveying messages in their mother tongue, it helps them learn other languages ( How to improve communication skills, event a foreign language).

Academic achievements

Learning their mother tongue and learning other languages is also known to sharpen intellectual abilities and creativity. This translates into better cognitive abilities and literacy skills, which play a key role in achieving academic success.

The culture connect

Languages help kids to learn about culture. It helps them to communicate and learn about the different traditions. Native language helps kids learn about cultural heritage.

Professional success

These days there are widespread career opportunities available for all language speakers. Proficiency in languages can open up doors to a flourishing career. With the advances in technology and with people traveling more, either for pleasure, business or career, knowledge of languages always comes in handy.

At The Camford School as part of our academic endeavors we have experienced teachers handling language classes. More specifically the school provide French and Hindi language learning opportunity to the students with the excelled language trainers. This helps enhance student’s literacy skills, which in turn give the benefits of knowing other language / subjects too. This student-centric and innovative approach is what sets us apart from the crowd and makes us a top CBSE school in Coimbatore.

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