Is it good for children to watch TV?

Is it good to watch TV ? Children watching too much TV is a big challenge for parents these days. How do they reduce their kids’ TV time? Is there any ‘ideal’ TV time? Is it good for children to watch TV? Find out the answers for all such doubts below.

Take action now

Gone are the days when elders had a tough time limiting the amount of time their kids spent playing outdoors. These days the story is different. They have joined the increasing number of couch potatoes. Spending a lot of time watching TV could lead to obesity, which in turn could lead to many other health issues. Take action now, when your kids are young. Encourage them to take up some sport. If possible join them at play.

Might not be able to focus fully

At the switch of a button today, children can watch and learn about distant places on our planet, rare species of animals or space technology, etc. This is one way where TV helps to improve their knowledge. Watching TV excessively might interfere with kid’s studies. With their minds on the various TV shows, they might not be able to focus fully on their lessons. This is another reason to limit their TV time.

Parents, keep an eye on your kids !

Parents should try and keep an eye on what their kids are watching over TV. One way to ensure that your kids are watching age-appropriate shows is by watching TV along with them. Then there is the negative impact on sleep. Studies have shown the negative impact of increased screen time by reducing physical activity. Many a times it also plays havoc with kids sleep schedule (Know how much sleep does a child need?).

Sunday’s be a ‘no- TV’ day at home

A couple of hours should be the maximum time allowed. Moderation – the answer with so many disadvantages, how do you ensure that your kids watch TV only for a limited time? The answer lies in moderation. Yes, sit down with your family and depending on your child’s age decide on the time that they can watch TV. It should not cross an hour for the younger kids, while for the older ones, a couple hours should be the maximum time allowed. Similarly, let Sunday’s be a ‘no- TV’ day at home. It can be replaced by trips outdoors (advantages of being outdoor.)

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