Know the power of your tongue

Power of your tongue ! The tongue is one of the most powerful weapons. Just imagine the kind of damage it can cause!? Or conversely the positive vibes that it is capable of. Shouldn’t we be careful with the words that we utter? Never get angry and abuse others. Channelize all that energy welling up inside you to do something good. Let us take a look at the benefits of having control over the tongue.

Well thought out words play a crucial role

As any motivational Guru will tell you, replace any negative emotion that you may have with positive ones, by practicing positive affirmations. Let only pleasing words flow from your tongue and pretty soon see your popularity rates shoot up. Well thought out words play a crucial role in strengthening relationships. Selection of words plays a key role in developing trust and improve communications. This also helps in resolving misunderstandings.

Control over your tongue helps a lot

Control over your tongue helps stop insensitive remarks at work place. Working as part of teams requires you to listen to the other team member’s viewpoints and adjust accordingly. This helps in the team working successfully towards its goals without any conflicts among its members. Its the Power of your tongue !

Not lying is another character trait

Not lying is another character trait that can help you become successful, both in your personal life and professional pursuits. A person with strong characters and ethics is always respected in the society. A critical comment can lead to someone giving up on their dream. Replace statements like “you cannot make it, you better try other options”, or plain “you are not good enough” with encouraging words like “Yes, you can make it” or “You have the talent to excel in this position”. Have a positive approach always.

Utter kind and mindful words

Utter kind words and see your popularity soar. Make it a point to talk politely with everyone. Let every word that you utter be well thought out. This kind of control over your tongue will help you both in your personal life and professional pursuits. Remember, our words can have profound impact on other, as well as us. Therefore use positive words. This will help boost your, as well as the opposite person’s self-esteem.

Being mindful about the words that you utter is a skill that can help you both in your personal and professional life. It is a skill that can be developed over a period of time. What is required is a bit of effort on your part.

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