Best places to go for a vacation

Best places for vacation ! It is vacation time and you have still not zeroed in on the destination. You have brainstorming sessions with the family, but to no avail. What to do there are so many places to visit. Right? This is a situation that most people find themselves in these days. With increased access to vacation destinations, thanks to improved transport options, choosing an option has really become a confusing task. What is it that each destination offers? Take a look at few of them. There are so many options. Gosh! Make an analysis, taking into account things such as the distance, transport mode, accommodation, budget, etc. and make a final choice.

Hills are all time favorites

There is something about mountains that is magical. The views of tall peaks, clouds floating, the sounds of birds chirping, the chill wind, the winding roads, the acres and acres of woods or tea estates. Hill stations are pure bliss. If you are looking for some fresh air and vegetation to let go off all your stress, then head for one. Make sure that you pack your woollens. Drink some warm water and green tea. We have so many of them nearby. Think Ooty, Conoor, Valparai, Yercaud, Munnar and Kodaikanal. Come back rejuvenated. Oh! Hills, here I come!

Sun, sand and surf

What about sun, sand and surf? If you love beaches, then there is a wide choice to choose from in our country. Of course it has to be, considering the length of the eastern and western coastlines. If you want some green spaces, a bit of mountains, along with the ocean, then head to Goa. If you are looking at plain greenery, then Kerala is a great place. Similarly, you have some wonderful beaches in West Bengal, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Gujarat. Choose from this wide choice and have fun!


Best places for vacation ! Snowfall is something that most people love, especially kids. There is no limit to the fun that you can have. Playing with snow, is perhaps the simplest and great fun thing that you can do. People love playing with snow, because a good majority of people live in the plains and can’t do it on a regular basis. Then there are the cable car rides, from where you can soak in spectacular views of the mountain ranges. Then there are the sleek snowmobiles. Head down to places in the Himalayas like Shimla, Gulmarg, Kulu and Manali for a snow filled vacation.


Whenever people talk about family vacations, they are always talking about some beach resort or a hill station. Time to think out-of-the-box. Why not a desert destination. The seemingly endless miles of sand dunes, the camels, the unique foods of the desert. There are actually many activities that can make your desert vacation a truly memorable one. You can go on desert hikes. There are also bike trails that you can explore. Then there are the desert vacation overnight camps with their beautiful tent houses. There is nothing to beat these exotic vacations. Think Rajasthan with its vast Thar Desert plus the numerous majestic palaces.

Best places for vacation ! Is there anything that comes close to visiting exotic vacation destinations? Yes, there is an option. Why not visit any of your relatives who lives far away and spend a few days at their home? There is nothing like meeting up with cousins, uncles and aunts, with the added advantage of doing so in a new place. Let them take you around the place. There must be surely a few attractions. If possible go on a long drive. Explore the culture and cuisine in the place. Nothing to beat these kind of vacations.

Flying abroad

Best places for vacation ! The other option is to head for overseas destinations. There is nothing to beat the fun and novelty of visiting a new country. These days with improved air links, your options are many. Why not try a cruise? Imagine sailing to a beautiful tropical destination. That would be one fun filled vacation! As mentioned earlier, there is no dearth of vacation destinations. We have just scratched the surface. Explore different places. Happy vacations!!!

At The Camford School, we take our students on regular trips, for studies, as well as recreation. Kids do learn a lot from travelling. From new cultures to new languages to unique geographies, trips have always got that fun element about them. No wonder, our school is counted among the best CBSE schools in Coimbatore.

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