Watching TV good or bad ? How long can a kid watch television?

Watching TV good or bad ? One cannot imagine life without TVs. But how many hours should we watch TV every day, especially kids? Is it good for kids to watch tv ? Here are the advantages and disadvantages of watching television.


 Gain knowledge. TV is definitely a key source of information. Children should be particular encouraged to watch news and science based programs. Similarly, they should also watch programs such as current affairs debates, nature, renewable energy, sports, travel and latest technologies. All this will help them perform well in academics, apart from help develop their world view.

 Family bonding. With the kind of hectic lifestyle led by people nowadays, the only time they get to bond with their families is while watching television. Make a list of all your favorite programs as a family and have fun.

 Watching TV offers is a stress buster. After a hard day of study and play at school, TV offers a way to chill and relax with the family. When it comes to the sheer variety of programs, TV is hard to beat.

 TV is a source of affordable entertainment. There are TVs available across different price points. Finding a quality TV set, need not burn a big hole in your pocket. A simple online search is all that you need to find a good TV set.


 Sitting all day long and watching television is like an invitation to obesity. Encourage them to play outdoors. Kicking a ball or hitting a ball, running around in fresh air, is surely healthier than being a couch potato.

 Can turn into an addiction. Kids seem to be addicted to electronic gadgets, especially smartphones and television these days. Encouraging them to play outdoors or read good books is a good way to wean them away from the TV.

 More TV means less time spent with friends and family. This could have a negative impact on their emotional health. It can so easily lead to feelings of depression. At the end of the day, man is a social animal and needs socializing to improve their mental health.

 Television can play havoc with kid’s sleep cycles. Research says that the blue rays emitted by LED TVs can interfere with sleep cycles (What happens in a sleep cycle ?) We all know the importance of sleep for their healthy growth. This is another reason for reducing TV time, especially a few hours before going to bed.

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