How to improve your child’s academic performance?

How to Improve academic performance ? It is every parent’s dream that their children study well. Discussed here are some simple, yet effective tips that will help your child excel in academics.

Create the right learning environment.

A clean and neat space, devoid of any clutter, makes for an excellent study space. Ensure that everything that children need during study time, such as books, pens, pencils, sharpeners, erasers, scale, etc. are readily available. The study area should be such that it is away from any kind of noise. Let there be silence. Let it be a rule in the house that there will be no unnecessary noise during the children’s study time. Let there be also strict rules on the use of gadgets. Tell your kids that they should use mobiles or laptops, only for study.

Fix a study routine.

Make sure that you fix a ‘study time’ at home and every child sticks to it. Come rain or shine, they should be studying at the designated time. Apart from excelling in their academics, this will also help children develop self-discipline.

Focus on the process.

While grades are important, they are not the be all and end all of education. Children understand better through application oriented learning. This helps them understand the concepts better. Let them have educational goals. “Yes, I will thoroughly study and understand the lesson on Newton’s theories” or “I will be thorough with parts of speech in 2 weeks”. This kind of goal oriented study is always better than obsession with grades.

Be realistic.

How to Improve academic performance? Remember, Not everyone is created equal in this world. Every child has got its own unique learning abilities. Never make the mistake of comparing your kid with others. This could leave long lasting scars in the child’s emotional psyche. Instead take the positive approach.

Praise your children whenever they perform well in their studies or extra-curricular activities. If you feel that your child is weak in a particular subject, make sure that some extra effort is being put and very soon they will come out winners.

Independence matters. Allow the children to prepare a study plan themselves. Let them give you the list of things that they want. It could be books, USB drives on subjects, stationary, etc. Allowing them to learn on their own will build a sense of responsibility in kids.

Take care of their health.

Last but not least, make sure that your child is having a balanced diet, with all the necessary nutrients. Encourage them to play regularly, for it will make them fitter, both physically and mentally. The happy hormones released during play will remove any stress that they may have due to constant study too. Ensure that they get a good night’s restful sleep (How much sleep does a child need?). Good sleep is crucial for their overall health. It will also ensure that their brains are fresh and grasp lessons easily.

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