What is the problem with kids of these days?

Problem with new generation kids. Are the children different from children of earlier generations? With so many things to juggle, they surely are a busy lot. Is this hectic lifestyle leading to problems? Let us take a look at some of the reasons for these problems and some potential solutions too.

Too many distractions

One of the biggest problems with today’s kids is their short span of attention. They seem to get bored with activities soon. From movies to television, the internet, smartphones, laptops and computers, they are living in the day and age of too many devices and therefore too many distractions. Perhaps, this is one problem which we will have to live with, given that our lives these days revolves around gadgets.

Addiction to mobiles

A big problem with new generation kids! Kids, of all age groups, busy with their smartphones (of course, it’s the same scenario with adults too!) is a scene that you will see at most places these days. You just can’t part them away from their smartphones. While there are some really good things about smartphones, too much of screen time is definitely not a good habit. Kids need to be encouraged to take up other activities such as sports or music to wean them away from this habit.

Lack of attention from parents

One of the reasons why kids are having problems these days is because they don’t get to spend enough time with their parents. Learn how to build a parent child relationship. With both parents working in a majority of homes, parents are often too tired to spend quality time with their kids. Remember, kids are always looking up to their parents to express their innermost feelings and not doing so can have a bad effect on their emotional health. Even if you are someone with a busy schedule, we can always take some time out for our kids, isn’t it? Proper communication is like a magic wand that can drive away most of the problems of kids.

Not playing outdoors

The advent of electronic gadgets has meant that kids no longer want to play outdoors. This is a great Problem with new generation kids. They are forever staring at screens. Parents need to do bit in weaning away their kids from the smartphones (kids get off from smartphones). Setting up no-mobile zones, setting away all smartphones 3 hours before sleep, having no-mobile weekends, etc. are some steps that you can take to reduce their screen time. Children are born to play, so let them play. Encourage them to play outside. You too can join them in the fun. Fresh air and physical activity will be beneficial for both their physical and mental health (Healthy body, healthy mind).

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