6 Tricks to find your kid’s interests

Here are a few simple tips to find your child’s interests. Let them be children. Children are always curious about things happening around them. Exploration is a natural instinct in them. Let them try and find out about different fields such as sports, culture, places, cuisines, events, etc. Take them to different cities, villages, countries, art galleries, sports arenas, etc., all of which will add to their worldly knowledge. All this will help them find their inner calling.

Observe them. Try watching your kid. Find out what interests’ your kid. Is your son always talking about cricket? Does Bharatanatyam or Kathak fascinate your daughter? Or is playing guitar, Sitar, piano, mridangam or tabla, their passion? Speak to them about their interests. This will give you a fair idea about what excites them.

Find your child’s interests ! Yes, Encourage them in their pursuits. There is perhaps no better tonic than a few words of encouragement. Whatever maybe your kid’s interests, tell them that you will provide your whole hearted support to them in its pursuit. For example, if your kid is interested in badminton, try enrolling him or her in a nearby badminton academy. Similarly, if your kid is good at free hand sketching or drawing and painting, why not take him to a few painting competitions? The very fact that their parents are firmly behind them would motivate children to do better in their favorite field.

Don’t force or compare. Many parents often make the mistake of living their dreams through their kids, which is not the right way to go, for every individual is different. Let them find what motivates them. Also don’t make the mistake of forcing them to do something, just because their peers are doing the same. Remember, not everyone is created equal. Let every kid follow their own passion. This will make them happy and also strengthen the parent- children bond.

Model yourself. Children are always learning by observing their parents. Parents can speak to their kids about their own interests. It could be a hobby or a passion that you may have been pursuing for a long time. Find out whether they share any common interest or would like your help in any form for following something such as dance, music, art, sports, etc.

Communication time is important (Know to improve your communication skills). As parents we need to spend quality time with our kids. Even amidst the most hectic schedule, we can always find some time with them, if we decide to do so. Dinner or after that can be a good time to have a relaxed chat. Try to find out where their interests lie during such chats. Get to know about the activities that they are involved in at their school. Find out from them whether they need your help for participating in a particular cultural, musical, sports event, etc.

At the School our teachers give ample opportunities for students to explore and bring out their innate talents. It could be through a variety of means such as activities, classroom sessions, painting or essay writing competitions, sports events, etc. This kind of focus on overall development of students has made us a top CBSE school in Coimbatore.

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