CBSE or state board which is best ? Know the difference !

CBSE or state board which is best ? Choosing a school for your child could be one of the most important decisions that you make in your life. This is because it plays such a crucial role in determining the future of your child. As a parent you need to put in some effort researching all the options available. You will have to decide between CBSE or State Board education. Based on this choice you will need to go around looking for schools. Choose the right school for your kids.

Each system of education has got its own set of advantages. We had already seen the advantages offered by CBSE education in our earlier blog. For example, with CBSE curriculum ensures the holistic development of a child, with emphasis on both academics and extra-curricular activities.

The variety of subjects taught in CBSE prepares children well when it is time for their higher studies. The curriculum helps them with getting through competitive exams. Moreover, finding a CBSE school these days finding a CBSE school is also a breeze. A few clicks of the mouse is all that you need to find one near you.  

Similarly, State Board education too has got its set of advantages. Let us see how it is different from other systems of education.

The regional connect:

State Board curriculum is designed keeping in mind the local culture of the particular state. Similarly, there is also focus on learning the local language in State Board curriculum. Students also have the option of choosing the local language medium.


Another advantage offered by State Board education is the flexibility of choosing learning in different languages. Apart from English medium schools, students also have the option of studying in their mother tongue.


Finding a State Board school is another advantage. They are present in every nook and corner of the country. One can also find them even in remote areas providing valuable access to education.


The affordability factor in State Board education is one more plus point. This factor helps in the education of a large chunk of the population in the lower strata of the economy.

Future ready:

Students get to learn a good range of subjects in State Board schools, which makes them ready for their higher studies.

So, you see, whether it is CBSE or State Board, each system of education has got its own pros and cons. What we need to understand is that there is no such thing as the ‘best’ education system. Similarly, not all students are not made the same. Everyone has got their own abilities and aspirations. Remember, at the end of the day, choosing an education board or system is purely an individual choice.

At the school the objective is to make learning fun. With experienced teachers and a variety of co-curricular activities, students are provided with an environment that enables holistic education. So, parents searching for the best CBSE school in Coimbatore, look no further. Call us today for further details.

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