4 Unbeatable Tips to Improve Your Child’s Listening Skills

Improve Your Child’s Listening Skills ! Many a time’s people think that communication skills is all about speaking well. While there is no denying this, what they tend to forget is that good listening is also an equally important part of communication skills (know to improve communication skills). Unfortunately, these days people seem to be too busy, engrossed in their own activities and don’t seem to have time to give someone an ear. This should not be the case for without good listening skills, there is no success in life.

Especially in the case of children listening skills are crucial from the academics point of view. It is quite strange that given the importance of listening skills, it is something that is not taught as part of formal education (benefits and improving listening skills in kids)  This should not be the case for children need to be taught about mindful listening right from a young age. Remember, good listening skills learnt at a young age will definitely stand them in good stead in both their personal and professional lives.

Read together:

Making children read books that too print versions, has become something of a challenge in today’s gadget filled world. However, we all know that there is nothing to beat the value of reading books and that too printed ones. One good way to make reading fun for your kids (and you too) is to read together. It can be during bed times, in case of young children or any other time of convenience in case of children in higher grades. Have discussions around the stories that you read. For example, you can ask them to try a different ending to the story. Similarly, you can have conversations about the author, settings, protagonists, etc. in the story. All these activities will not only improve their listening skills, as a bonus it will also fine tune their reading skills.

Listening games:

There are listening games galore that you can play. ‘Simon Says’ for example, is a perennial favourite.Similarly, there are other games like ‘Guess Who’, ‘Mirror You Mirror Me’, ‘I Spy’, etc., to mention only some, which are all a fun way to improve your child’s listening skills.

Give them a patient hearing:

The modern, busy parent of today, often forgets to have regular conversations with their children. Remember, children look up to their parents and may want to express their innermost feelings and desires to their parents. So, make it a point to give them a patient hearing, whenever possible.

Making them write:

It is often said that one of the best ways to make people good at academics is to make them write whatever they learn. Teachers can also play a key role in improving the listening skills of children by making them write. Yes jotting down notes can play a key role in improving the listening skills of kids.

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