Which is the best place to live on Earth?

If you were to ask people about the best place to live on Earth, surely there would be several different answers. Is there really a place which could be said to be the ‘best’ on the planet? Ultimately, the choice of a city or a neighbourhood is an individual choice. While there are scores of websites where you can find lists of the best places to live on the planet, you could still have different choices. What exactly makes a place the ‘best’ one to live in? We chose a few factors that should be a part of the ‘best’ place. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Residential townships:

Quality housing is one of the first things that a city needs to have, for its residents. Large scale residential townships which come with different amenities are becoming commonplace these days. These townships have every possible facility ranging from schools, to options for shopping and plenty of greenery. So, if are searching for a home, then choosing one such community would be the way to go.

Educational institutions:

If there are kids at home, then it becomes important that the place where you live has got schools and colleges in nearby vicinity. Check out this key factor whenever you are on the lookout for a home. Even a best school with a safe transport facility would be very fine.

Shopping and recreation:

What is the point in living in a beautiful home, while still having to drive long distances to get even basic grocery items? Make sure that the residential township you choose has got good shopping avenues. Plus check out for the recreation options. After all, you do want entertainment options for the whole family, in the nearby vicinity, right? From malls to cinemas and sports arenas, a good mix of entertainment options have become a must have nowadays.

Green space:

Health is wealth and what better way to live, than in the midst of greenery? The place where you live should be full of gardens, parks and other forms of natural vegetation. Mountains and hiking trails could further add to the appeal. So too will some sun, surf and sand! After all there is nothing to beat a house overlooking a beautiful beach. Of-course the very best place to live on Earth right !

Transport facilities:

This is another key factor in choosing a place to live. Almost every top city in the world would invariably have good transport facilities. The ideal city will be one where there are all modes of transport available- land, air and sea. The city should have a good network of roads and highways, connecting its different neighbourhoods, as well as with other places. Similarly, there should be mass transit systems such as metros, monorails, trams and local trains.

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