How to stay healthy and peaceful ? Change the world right now !

Changing the way of living – back to old days…know how to stay healthy and peaceful? All of you must have heard of the time machine. We have seen them in so many movies. Wish something like it really existed! We could then always go back in time at the click of a button. We could have for example, seen many ancient civilizations which we have only read in history books till now. It would be so fascinating, isn’t it? While we cannot make this a reality, what we can do is to try and adopt certain things from the past, which would help us stay healthy and happy in the present times.

Playing more:

The modern day kids (even adults) seem to be addicted to a variety of electronic gadgets. From mobiles, to video gaming consoles to TV, tabs and computers, you just cannot separate them from these gadgets. This excessive screen time is definitely taking its toll on their physical, as well as mental health. This is where we need to look back and try to recreate the lifestyle that we parents enjoyed as kids. Remember, all the different games and sports that we used to play as kids. The time spent outdoors getting fresh air and sunlight is sure to give your health a boost.  

Junking junk food:

The most important thing to know, how to stay healthy and peaceful? Stay healthy. In the name of variety a lot of junk food is being consumed, especially by the younger generation. Parents can play a role in weaning away their kids from such unhealthy habits towards adopting a healthier lifestyle. Remember your younger days, when your mother or grandmother would prepare the tastiest of dishes for the kids at home? Time to go back to those days. Teach your kids healthy dietary habits. Tell them about the lifelong benefits that they would get from good nutrition. Let them eat more fruits, vegetables and nuts. Lead by example. Healthy food need not be bland. Try out different healthy recipes (the internet is full of them) and pretty soon the kids would be wanting more of tasty and nutritious home cooked food items. ( Know the harmful side effects of fast food / junk food.)

The reading habit:

Those born in the 1980s, 90s and early 2000s would definitely remember the different kind of literature that we used to go through. From story books to comics to novels or even plain, good old newspapers, the absence of so many electronic gadgets (except perhaps the TV) meant that people used to read a lot. (Know the tips to select a book for reading.) These days while there are scores of digital platform and e-books available, the reading habit unfortunately, seems to have gone down. Maybe information is now available so easily that people are not interested in going through in detail. Time we did our bit to bring back the habit of reading books.

After all, there is nothing like the immersive experience provided by interesting books. Even if you find reading books boring, try starting off by reading a few pages every day. There is something about the printed word that is magical. Reading good books (develop reading habit in children) definitely contributes to holistic development of a person’s outlook and personality. The younger you start the habit, the better.

Early to bed and rise:

How to stay healthy and peaceful ? Remember the good old days when there was no disturbance from electronic gadgets, except perhaps a few hours of TV, and we would hit the bed early? We would also wake up fresh, raring to go, after a restful night of sleep. The importance of good sleep (How much Sleep does a Child Need?)cannot be overemphasized for it does wonders to your health, rejuvenating your entire being. It is one habit that used to be earlier common in our homes that needs to come back.

The School boasts of a modern digital library, where students can find books of every genre. Our teachers also make it a point to encourage the reading habit in students. This kind of student-centric approach has been instrumental in making us a top CBSE school in Coimbatore.

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