Adolescences and Mental Health

Adolescences and Mental Health ! Adolescence is that period of life where a person develops both physically and mentally. It is a crucial period for developing social and emotional habits important for mental well-being. This makes them vulnerable to various mental issues like emotional and behavioural disorders, eating disorders and depression. Various factors can affect them in this stage of life and can also potentially lead to permanent changes. Some adolescents are at greater risk of mental health issues due to their living conditions, stigma, discrimination or exclusion, or lack of access to quality support and services.

Mental health issues in adolescents is stress

A major factor leading to mental health issues in adolescents is stress. There are many causes of stress; peer pressure, overworking, exposure to adversity, to name a few. All of these issues are common in today’s world. We live in an era where the productivity and expectations of people are going higher day by day. Schools and extra classes provide more and more assignments to the students, and at one stage, it becomes too much for them to handle. They are unable to finish the assignments on time, and they lose more time for sleep and leisure.

They begin to feel overworked, and this can induce stress. This, along with the fact that they compare with their peers on every little aspect can make it worse. Adolescents also start to know themselves in new ways, so they begin to feel uncomfortable about themselves. This can make them feel stressed, and can also lead to more serious issues like self-hate and isolation, anxiety, depression, and in extreme cases, suicide. Be very careful with Adolescences and Mental Health.

Factors include past events

Other factors include past events and experiences, addiction and risk-taking behaviour. A harrowing experience in one’s past can remain as a stain in their life and bother them for their entire lifetime. In serious cases, it can lead to PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) which can get triggered even at the slightest reference to it. Unhealthy behaviour like smoking and excessive drinking can lead to addiction, which comes with its own set of problems. Coming out of addiction is a huge task, and it can lead to withdrawal symptoms. Unruly behaviour, excessive craving, irritation, etc. are all examples of such symptoms. Not being able to have the item they want can lead to anxiety and even ruin their lives.

Great stress-relievers

It is indeed shocking that one-seventh of 10-19- year olds suffer from mental health disorders. Failing to address such issues can have serious consequences, which extend up to adulthood, limiting people’s opportunities to lead their lives to the fullest. Some simple steps which can be taken to avoid such issues can include seeking guidance from counsellors or people whom they are close to. Adequate time should be given for sleep and leisure, as these are great stress-relievers. Proper exercise and a balanced diet can also go a long way in staying healthy. Maintaining a good friend circle and having hobbies can also help a lot in avoiding stress. Last, but not least, one must stay positive all the time.

Early detection of mental health

Adolescences and Mental Health ! Maintaining good mental health can unlock one’s full potential and help them go further in life. Early detection of mental health issues in adolescents can help them lead a better life. Adolescents should also be taught about stress, its effects and how to tackle them. Developing a good emotional quotient is necessary to stay strong in tough situations and manage their own emotions properly. Proper mental health management can make adolescence the time of one’s life.


Govind Nair, Grade 12A

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