What is self-identity?

Know your Self-identity, it is nothing but your perception about the key traits, beliefs, goals, physical attributes and talents that you possess. Self-identity plays a key role in a person’s personal and professional life. It is important that a children develop positive perception about themselves as it helps them to grow into responsible and confident individuals. Here are a few tips on helping develop a kid’s self-identity.

Praise works wonders:

A parent child relationship is must ! Even a few words in praise can work wonders for your kid. Remember, children are always looking to impress their parents with their work. So, a pat in the back from you, for even small achievements, means a world to them. It helps keep their motivation levels up and continue to try out new things.

New opportunities:

Every child is born with certain inherent talents. Give their sense of exploration a free rein. Let them try out different activities. Let them find out what they are good at through trial and error. Guide them through the process. Give them feedback. Tell them about the areas in which they can improve.

Don’t compare:

As mentioned earlier, every child is born with certain unique talents. In their best interests, avoid comparisons with other kids. Don’t try to force them to do something that they don’t enjoy. This will lead them nowhere. Let your children pursue their own dreams. Encouraging them to make a decision also helps to develop the sense of responsibility in kids.

Focus on character traits:

While academics are important, make sure that there is also focus on developing certain character traits (building blocks of a child’s personality) such as hard work, empathy, honesty, courage, generosity, etc. This focus plays a crucial role in the development of a child’s self-identity. Yes, know your self-identity !

The importance of communication:

Talk regularly with your child. Find out about the kind of progress that they have been making at school. Discuss about their interests. Find out whether they want any advice or guidance. Always give your kids a patient hearing. This will help them realize that you truly respect their feelings.

Positive vibes:

Let your home be a place which abounds with positivity. Provide the best possible atmosphere for your kids. Teach them positive affirmation. Be the best version of yourself, for remember, kids always try to emulate their parents behavior.

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