6 steps to Select a Book for Reading

How to select books for reading? There is nothing like picking up a best seller and finishing it at one go. These days there is also the option of reading the digital version. Let us look at some of the key steps that the best CBSE School in Coimbatore help you in picking up a book to read.


What is your favorite genre? It could range from dinosaurs to sports. For those who are passionate about their books, there is nothing to beat reading their favorite genre of books. It is also perhaps the best way to encourage the habit of reading in kids.

Be a role model:

Parents can be the perfect role models when it comes to reading. Parents can also share their passion for reading with their children. They can discuss about the latest bestsellers with their kids. It would also be a good way to bond between the kids and their parents.

Ask teachers:

Teachers are always associated with books. There are no one better than them to talk about books.

Ask friends:

This is another simple way to pick up a book. Ask their friends about the latest bestsellers that are doing the rounds. Since, children are always engaging with their friends, this is a good way to select a book.

Visit your library:

When was the last time you visited your library? Chances are that it would have been pretty long back. Why not start visiting it regularly? There would be definitely a friendly librarian to guide you through the latest list of popular books. Make it a regular habit.

Pick up the newspaper:

Why not pick up the latest newspaper? There could be a number of interesting articles for you to read. Best CBSE School in Coimbatore, The Camford has an excellent library – The Knowledge treasure, with a variety of different collections of books to encourage the reading habit in children. Even this library has digital books too to read. It could lead to reading a book.

Second hand book stalls:

This gives a budget way for “How to select books for reading ?.” You can get a good bargain at many of these stalls. In fact, there are chances that you may get your hand on rare bestsellers at these bookstalls.

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