The Camford’s knowledge treasure

A great and best CBSE School, TCIS has a good collection of books as its treasure in library. Wow…the knowledge treasure… A mind once said, ‘The library is an arena of possibility.’ Shakespeare, the man of letters, who has contributed more than  25,000 words to the oxford advanced learners dictionary, truly a man of diction, once said, ‘come and make a choice of all my library and so beguile thy sorrow’. A library is a place where one can immerse oneself in a makeshift world of one’s own, one can find the solution for a pressing problem in this universe.

Holds the potential to infinity

Libraries are like parallel universes, where one can find more than one way to succeed, seek a path of triumph. Libraries hold the potential to infinity. Many are not aware or they do not know to open the door, like Alice trying to find the door through the looking glass and the glass is a door in itself. Thus libraries are portals to new worlds and great minds have rejoiced tapping the juice from the tree of life, which gives infinite knowledge.

Book – A loyal friend
great-and-best-CBSE-School_book a loyal friend The-Camford-School-Coimbatore

TCIS houses such a vibrant library, the school has a well-furnished library as its forte. J.K. Rowling has said, If you don’t like to read, you haven’t found the right book’; Thus the right book can be the torchbearer leading a person to all the realms in the universe. Ernest Hemingway, the man who never loses hope, has said ‘There is no friend as loyal as the book’.  Books keep one company even when the world has forsaken them, one can find solace in books. Books are like these wormholes to worlds that are yet to be discovered and waiting to be discovered.

This great and best CBSE school library has an array of books that caters to young minds. Books are housed here to the needs of a primary school reader, a reader who has just moved to middle school, and books to kindle the minds of the teens. The Library has as its asset a voluminous collection of books. The Library has a good collection of magazines as well from the likes of National Geographic to our very own ‘Frontline’.

Knowledge is a treasure

Reading- the very word is mystical. The one who has mastered the art of reading is blessed. He can travel this world and even explore the sublime. The child who can read will grow into an adult who can think. Reading this is essential to spark the young minds and so one needs to read continuously to kindle the fire – seeking knowledge, for knowledge is a treasure, the treasure that cannot be coveted. Reading changes everything. Reading frees a mind of its fetters and literally reading can shape an individual, it can influence a person’s psyche, the books one reads decide the kind of person, the individual will turn out to be. Books decide the maturity of the reader’s mind; the amount of books one reads is directly proportional to a sound mind. One can blossom into a completely new individual, sort of rebirth, a spiritual renaissance – this is possible only if one endorses books.

Free will leads to a good life

Reading is a powerful tool, it makes one doubt everything and question everything, one becomes capable of a revolution with the knowledge that one has received from the books, thus the likes of Hitler had to burn books to deny access to free will, books are the means to freewill. Free will leads to a good life, an aesthetically pleasing one. Thus it is important to read. Libraries are the storehouse of such books, thus they are the powerhouses igniting the minds of young readers, This great and best CBSE School, houses such a holy shrine in its premises, the shrine that grants the wishes of all readers. Dr. Seuss has said, ‘The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more you learn, the more places you will go. TCIS has the means to embark on such a journey.

Author: Ms. Aarthi
Faculty, TCIS

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