Surprising facts of Smartwatch technology

Children and technology have started to travel parallel in the new modern education system. Gone are the days when the humble watch used to be a device to note time. ‘Convergence’ seems to be the buzzword these days when it comes to gadgets. Convergence of different functions. Convergence of different technologies. Thanks to such trends, an entire new world of devices have made an appearance in recent times. Take the mobile phones for instance. They help you talk to someone. You can send text messages, pics, and videos with them. Then you have a zillion apps. The mobile phone is your camera, video recorder, music player, calendar, diary, watch, timer, phew… the list just goes on and on. Then you have the smartwatches. You can find them in almost all leading watch stores in Coimbatore these days.

Sky is the limit

The advent of the smartwatch has meant that watches are no longer used to just note time. With advancements in technologies, wearable devices seem set to rule the markets in the near future and what better example for them than smartwatches. With apps being specifically made for them, it won’t be wrong to state that the sky is the limit for smartwatch makers.

Becoming more ‘smarter’ by the day

While there were their predecessors earlier, albeit, with limited ability, such as the digital watches and the calculator watches. A lot of this evolution has got to do with the advances in operating systems such as Android and Windows and the subsequent boom in the number of apps. Add to that the advent of the internet, and voila! The smartwatches are becoming more ‘smarter’ by the day. They can do most of the functions that your mobile does. You can text messages, watch videos, listen to music, do calculations, set schedules, etc. Of course, you can also note time with them. They can also act in coordination with a mobile device, thanks to technologies such as Bluetooth, 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi, etc.

Incredible possibilities lie ahead

Increasing health consciousness has also led to smartwatches now performing a few more roles. For example, they can keep track of different health parameters such as the pulse rate, ECG, number of steps that one walks, etc. Things that were earlier only part of movies and our fantasies are now becoming a reality, thanks to the advances in smartwatch technology. Incredible possibilities lie ahead.

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