Develop good habit in children – 5 Ways to develop a heart of giving

How to develop good habit in children ? Here are the ways to develop a heart of giving, the most precious character to be developed in children. Almost every parent wants to raise a generous child. ‘Catch them young’ is the trick here too. Kids need to be taught about being generous from a young age, its more like giving in a two way street. Parents need to teach them about the importance of being kind and sharing things with others. Remember, when we say ‘giving’ here, it is simply giving, with no strings attached. It should be a selfless process, without expecting anything back in return. Here are some ways in which you can encourage kids to develop a heart for giving. Along with this there are other essential life skills are also must for kids to develop when they grow.

Teach them sharing:

Kids give more importance to their friendship but still quite stubborn when it comes to parting away or sharing of things that they possess. Good examples, are stationary items such as pencils, erasers, scales, etc. Teach them that it is okay to share any of these with their friends at school. Similarly, they could also some of their snacks such as cookies, candies or chocolates, once in a while with their friends. This habit of sharing helps to add to their generosity quotient.


This is another attribute that they need to develop. Putting ourselves in someone else’s shoes and getting to know the other person’s perspective is something that will stand them in good stead throughout their life. Playing sports or games offers a good way to develop this attribute. They help kids to second guess the other players plans or moves. Empathy enables them to understand why a person needs something and how we can help by giving.

Lead by example:

Preach what you teach is something that parents need to follow. Kids learn by looking at your behavior. How you treat a delivery boy or a salesman at a store impacts your kids. They are forever observing and learning from you, even without you knowing about it. Each of us have our own parenting style but we should know about the right parenting style before we implement ours.

Praise them:

Win them over with some praise. Appreciate even little gestures of generosity by your kids. Tell them that even little acts of kindness matter. For example, lending a helping hand to Dad while gardening can be a fun way to learn about generosity.

Take them on a charity drive:

Taking them along during a charity initiative such as a food drive for the needy, can be a good way to teach them about the importance of giving. These initiatives will teach them about how privileged they are and also help develop a sense of gratitude. This is how we develop good habit in children.

All the above said characters are the building blocks of a child’s personality. It should be developed all along they grow up. Being one of the most sought after CBSE schools in Coimbatore, we are always striving to improve our standards, in terms of quality of education, teaching and infrastructure. This focus has seen the school stand out from the crowd.

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